On 11/02/15 11:24 +0000, Chris Dent wrote:
On Wed, 11 Feb 2015, Flavio Percoco wrote:

During the last two cycles, I've had the feeling that some of the
things I love the most about this community are degrading and moving
to a state that I personally disagree with. With the hope of seeing
these things improve, I'm taking the time today to share one of my

Thanks for writing this. I agree with pretty much everything you say,
especially the focus on the mailing list being only truly available
and persistent medium we have for engaging everyone. Yes it is noisy
and takes work, but it is an important part of the work.

I'm not certain, but I have an intuition that many of the suboptimal
and moving-in-the-direction-of-closed behaviors that you're describing
are the result of people trying to cope with having too much to do
with insufficient tools. Technology projects often sacrifice the
management of information in favor of what's believed to be the core
task (making stuff?) when there are insufficient resources.

This is unfortunate because the effective sharing and management of
information is the fuel that drives, optimizes and corrects the entire
process and thus leads to more effective making of stuff.

This thread and many of the threads going around lately speak a lot
about people not being able to participate in a way that lets them
generate the most quality -- either because there's insufficient time
and energy to move the mountain or because each move they make opens
up another rabbit hole.

As many have said this is not sustainable.

Many of the proposed strategies or short term tactics involve trying to
hack the system so that work that is perceived to be extraneous is
removed or made secondary. This won't fix it.

I think it is time we recognize and act on the fact that the corporate
landlords that pay many of us to farm on this land need to provide more
resources. This will help to ensure the health of semi-artifical
opensource ecology that is OpenStack. At the moment many things are
packed tight with very little room to breathe. We need some air.

I agree with lots of what you said except for this last bit here. I
don't believe OpenStack is a "semi-artificial opensrouce ecology".
OpenStack has demostrated throughout the years the ability of growing
without sacrificing openness.

Have there been cases where we've failed to do so? Probably but
there's always someone that raises the red-flag and calls out the
community on the things that are not working well enough.

Saying OpenStack is "semi-artificial opensource" is degrading some of
the things most of us have been fighting for. I'm not offended, just
worried. We've many similar messages from outside the community and
having them coming from within the community is worrisome.

That said, I may have mis-understood what you meant so, please correct
me if I did. Tired and I should've probably waited 'til tomorrow
before replying. Oh well, :D


Flavio Percoco

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