On Thu, 2015-02-12 at 10:35 +0000, Kuvaja, Erno wrote:
> I'm not attacking against having summits, I think the face to face
> time is incredibly valuable for all kind of things. My point was to
> bring up general flaw of the flow between all inclusive decision
> making vs. decided in summit session.

I have the feeling you're assigning too much importance to the
conversations that happen face to face in the summit. Summits are the
apex, the end (or one of the final moments) of conversations that
started months/weeks before the bi-annual event. They're not the place
where an elite shows up, discusses newly revealed topics and decides
without involving anyone else.

With the design summits being the result of longer conversations, there
is very little risk for the relevant people for *that specific*
conversation not to be in the room. For those rare occasions, we have
setup VoIP bridges and other tools to include them in the room, in real
time and have them participate to the decision-making process in full.

I don't accept the thought that everything has to go back to the mailing
list because that would slow us down *even more*. We're trying to keep a
fine balancing act in place here, between speed and execution and
inclusion. If someone has troubles going to the Summit, let's talk and
solve the problems of the individuals because we can't generalize this
issue too much.


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