On 2/15/15, 10:10 AM, "Jay Pipes" <jaypi...@gmail.com> wrote:

>On 02/15/2015 01:31 AM, Brian Rosmaita wrote:
>> This is a follow-up to the discussion at the 12 February API-WG meeting
>> [1] concerning "functional" API in Glance [2].  We made some progress,
>> need to close this off so the spec can be implemented in Kilo.
>> I believe this is where we left off:
>> 1. The general consensus was that POST is the correct verb.
>Yes, POST is correct (though the resource is wrong).
>> 2. Did not agree on what to POST.  Three options are in play:
>> (A) POST /images/{image_id}?action=deactivate
>>      POST /images/{image_id}?action=reactivate
>> (B) POST /images/{image_id}/actions
>>      with payload describing the action, e.g.,
>>      { "action": "deactivate" }
>>      { "action": "reactivate" }
>> (C) POST /images/{image_id}/actions/deactivate
>>      POST /images/{image_id}/actions/reactivate
>d) POST /images/{image_id}/tasks with payload:
>    { "action": "deactivate|activate" }
>An action isn't created. An action is taken. A task is created. A task
>contains instructions on what action to take.

The Images API v2 already has tasks (schema available at /v2/schemas/tasks
), which are used for long-running asynchronous operations (right now,
image import and image export).  I think we want to keep those distinct
from what we're talking about here.

Does something really need to be created for this call?  The idea behind
the "functional" API was to have a place for things that don't fit neatly
into the CRUD-centric paradigm.  Option (C) seems like a good fit for this.



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