> > Potentially corrupted images are bad; depending on the affected data it 
> > might only be diagnosed some time after installation, so IMO the fix is 
> > needed.
> Sure but there is a (potentially hefty) performance impact.
Well, do you want fast or working/consistent images?

> > Only a minor issue: I'd like to see it have a check for the qemu version, 
> > and only then kick in.
> That dosn't work as $distro may have a qemu 2.0.x that has the fix backported.
> That's why the workarounds group was created.  You specify the safe default 
> and
> if a distributor knows it's package is safe it can alter the default.
Oh, okay... with the safe default being derived from the qemu version ;)

> At some point you can invert that or remove the option altogether.
Yeah, 5 years down the line ... ;[

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