On Thu, 2015-02-26 at 11:45 -0800, Stefano Maffulli wrote:
> The interesting bit of those charts is that overall for OpenStack
> projects, it seems that the reviews (comments to patchsets) are arriving
> quite quickly but the new patchsets take a lot more to be submitted. 
> Too much debating and commenting over each patch? Or are the
> authors/owners of the changeset slow to respond with new patches? I
> don't have an answer. I'd be happy to look at the data with other
> people.

One thing that comes to mind is that there are a lot of reviews that
appear to have been abandoned; I just cleared several from the
novaclient review queue (or commented on them to see if they were still
alive).  I also know of a few novaclient changes that are waiting for
corresponding nova changes before they can be merged.  Could these be
introducing a skew factor?
Kevin L. Mitchell <kevin.mitch...@rackspace.com>

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