Stefano Maffulli <> writes:

> In any case, since Sean said that nova (and other projects) already
> remove unmergeable changesets regularly, I think the data are already
> "clean enough" to give us food for thoughts.

I am asking you to please independently remove changes that you don't
think should be considered from your metrics.  If you rely on Sean or
others to abandon changes, then you are, in essence, relying on core
reviewers abandoning changes for the purposes of providing "clean" (as
you put it) input to a metrics system.

I think abandoning changes so that the metrics look the way we want is a
terrible experience for contributors.

Especially as it appears some projects, such as nova, are in a position
where they are actually leaving -2 votes on changes which will not be
lifted for 2 or 3 months.  That means that if someone runs a script like
Sean's, these changes will be abandoned, yet there is nothing that the
submitter can do to progress the change in the mean time.  Abandoning
such a review is making an already bad experience for contributors even


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