Am 05/03/15 um 06:02 schrieb Nikhil Komawar:
The python-glanceclient release management team is pleased to announce:
     python-glanceclient version 0.16.1 has been released on Thursday, Mar 5th 
around 04:56 UTC.

The release includes a bugfix for [1], which is affecting us in Icehouse, most likely Juno is also affected. However, due to the requirements caps recently introduced, the bugfix will not be picked up by the stable branches (caps are <=0.14.2 for Icehouse and <=0.15.0 for Juno).

The patch itself [2] applies cleanly to the older code, so in theory it should be possible to build some 0.14.3 release with that and update the stable requirements accordingly. But I guess that this would require setting up stable branches for the client git repo, which currently don't exist.

Are there plans to do this or is there some other way to backport the fix? I assume that the same issue may happen with other client releases in the future.


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