The clients in general do not back port patches. Someone should work with
stable-maint to raise the cap in Icehouse and Juno. I suspect, however,
that those caps were added due to the client breaking other projects.
Proposals can be made though and ideally, openstack/requirements’ gate
jobs will catch any breakage.

On 3/5/15, 10:28, "Dr. Jens Rosenboom" <> wrote:

>Am 05/03/15 um 06:02 schrieb Nikhil Komawar:
>> The python-glanceclient release management team is pleased to announce:
>>      python-glanceclient version 0.16.1 has been released on Thursday,
>>Mar 5th around 04:56 UTC.
>The release includes a bugfix for [1], which is affecting us in
>Icehouse, most likely Juno is also affected. However, due to the
>requirements caps recently introduced, the bugfix will not be picked up
>by the stable branches (caps are <=0.14.2 for Icehouse and <=0.15.0 for
>The patch itself [2] applies cleanly to the older code, so in theory it
>should be possible to build some 0.14.3 release with that and update the
>stable requirements accordingly. But I guess that this would require
>setting up stable branches for the client git repo, which currently
>don't exist.
>Are there plans to do this or is there some other way to backport the
>fix? I assume that the same issue may happen with other client releases
>in the future.
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