On 09/21/2016 05:17 AM, Rob C wrote:
> Apart from missing elections, I think we do a huge amount for the community 
> and removing us from OpenStack would in no way be beneficial to either the 
> Security Project or OpenStack as a whole.

I definitely agree with Rob here and I support keeping the Security team in the 
big tent.

Although I'm not an active contributor there (but I want to be), I've joined 
some of their meetings and they've provided guidance on some of the work I've 
done with OpenStack-Ansible's (OSA) security hardening role.  The OSSN's they 
produce are helpful and the information contained within them is used when we 
improve OSA.  The Security Guide is also extremely useful for deployers who 
need advice on configuring OpenStack in a secure way.

Major Hayden

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