Jakub Pavlik wrote:
> it took us 2 years of hard working to get these official. OpenStack-Salt
> is now used by around 40 production deployments and it is focused very
> on operation and popularity is growing. You are removing the project
> week after one of top contributor announced that they will use that as
> part of solution. We made a mistakes, however I do not think that is
> reason to remove us. I do no think that quality of the project is
> measured like this. Our PTL got ill and did not do properly his job for
> last 3 weeks, but this can happen anybody.
>  It is up to you. If you think that we are useless for community, then
> remove us and we will have to continue outside of this community.
> However growing successful use cases will not be under official
> openstack community, which makes my feeling bad.

Note that being in the Big tent as an official project (vs. just being
under te openstack/* namespace as an unofficial ecosystem project) is
not a judgment of value (or usefulness) on the project. It is a judgment
in community alignment. Are you a project produced by the OpenStack
Community ? Are you aligned with the OpenStack mission, do you follow
our principles and processes ?

Missing the Ptl election is a sign of non-alignment with the rest of the
OpenStack community. So is missing the numerous emails I sent over the
last months to ask about Design Summit space. The question now is, are
those signs enough to justify removal the "official" stamp from the team
or not.

I tend to lean towards leniency, but I'm just one vote.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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