My answer would be -that- is the most ideal scenario. I care about
OpenStack and ensuring quality projects have adequate representation so I
checked to see which ones didn't have anyone defined for leadership and
picked one to step in and help, assuming no one was able to fill that role
for that specific cycle.

On Sep 21, 2016 12:06 PM, "Travis McPeak" <> wrote:

> "So all this said, there are individuals interested in the PTL role to
> ensure project teams have someone handling the logistics and coordination.
> My issue however was that I was not yet eligible to be a candidate which
> I'll remedy moving forward.
> I'm still interested in serving as a PTL for a project that needs one. I
> personally believe that in the case of Security, there needs to be a
> dedicated team due to the nature and impact of security breaches that
> directly influence the perception of OpenStack as a viable cloud solution
> for enterprises looking (or re-looking) at it for the first time."
> @Adam we'd certainly appreciate your help staying on top of
> required activities, email, etc.  Surely a PTL should be
> somebody who has at least been involved in the project?
> --
> -Travis
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