On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 5:28 AM, Thierry Carrez <thie...@openstack.org> wrote:
> Emilien Macchi wrote:
>> I would like to request for some space dedicated to TripleO project
>> for the first OpenStack PTG.
>> https://www.openstack.org/ptg/
>> The event will happen in February 2017 during the next PTG in Atlanta.
>> Any feedback is welcome,
> Just a quick note: as you can imagine we have finite space at the event,
> and the OpenStack Foundation wants to give priority to teams which have
> a diverse affiliation (or which are not tagged "single-vendor").
> Depending on which teams decide to take advantage of the event and which
> don't, we may or may not be able to offer space to single-vendor
> projects -- and TripleO is currently tagged single-vendor.

I understand that space is limited and it is true to mention TripleO
has the single-vendor tag.
Although this tag, TripleO has a lot of horizontal interactions with
others projects in OpenStack:

- Ironic, used to bootstrap the TripleO overcloud. Ironic folks could
weight we have a bunch of common work there.
- Heat, used to orchestrate the TripleO overcloud deployment (and soon
the undercloud too).
- Puppet OpenStack modules. Despite PuppetOpenStack project might skip
PTG because we don't need it [1] until now, we still have a lot of
collaboration between both groups.
- OpenStack Infra. TripleO & Infra folks keep increasing the
collaboration on multiple topics (third party CI, multinode jobs,

[1] http://osdir.com/ml/openstack-dev/2016-10/msg00311.html

I might have missed it, but did we document PTG allocation space
priorities? If not, we might want to make it clear in the
single-vendor tag doc.
I'm concerned by the fact whether or not space is granted for a
project would be a subjective decision to take.

> The rationale is, the more organizations are involved in a given project
> team, the more value there is to offer common meeting space to that team
> for them to sync on priorities and get stuff done. If more than 90% of
> contributions / reviews / core reviewers come from a single
> organization, there is less coordination needs and less value in having
> all those people from a single org to travel to a distant place to have
> a team meeting. And as far as recruitment of new team members go (to
> increase that diversity), the OpenStack Summit will be a better venue to
> do that.
> I hope we'll be able to accommodate you, though. And in all cases
> TripleO people are more than welcome to join the event to coordinate
> with other teams. It's just not 100% sure we'll be able to give you a
> dedicated room for multiple days. We should know better in a week or so,
> once we get a good idea of who plans to meet at the event and who doesn't.

ack. I'll follow what happens. I appreciate your quick feedback, that
will let us to find a fallback in case of rejection.

Emilien Macchi

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