> >>> I would like to request for some space dedicated to TripleO project
> >>> for the first OpenStack PTG.
> >>>
> >>> https://www.openstack.org/ptg/
> >>>
> >>> The event will happen in February 2017 during the next PTG in Atlanta.
> >>> Any feedback is welcome,
> >>
> >> Just a quick note: as you can imagine we have finite space at the event,
> >> and the OpenStack Foundation wants to give priority to teams which have
> >> a diverse affiliation (or which are not tagged "single-vendor").
> >> Depending on which teams decide to take advantage of the event and which
> >> don't, we may or may not be able to offer space to single-vendor
> >> projects -- and TripleO is currently tagged single-vendor.
> > 
> > Thanks for the feedback Thierry, I can understand the need to somehow keep
> > PTG space requirements bounded, but I would agree with Emilien and Eoghan
> > that perhaps the single-vendor tag is too coarse a metric with which to
> > judge all projects (it really doesn't capture cross-project collaboration
> > at all IMO).
> > 
> > One of the main goals of TripleO is using OpenStack projects where
> > possible, and as such we have a very broad range of cross project
> > collaboration happening, and clearly the PTG is the ideal forum for such
> > discussions.
> Indeed, I totally agree.
> While at this stage we can't *guarantee* space for TripleO, I really
> hope that we'll be able to provide space. One interesting factor is that
> there should be less tension for space in the "horizontal" part of the
> week than in the "vertical" part of the week**. TripleO's cross-cutting
> nature makes it a good fit for the "horizontal" segment, so I'm hopeful
> we can make that work. We should know very soon, once we collect the
> results of the PTL survey. Stay tuned!
> ** The PTG week is split between horizontal team meetings
> (Monday/Tuesday) and vertical team meetings (Wednesday-Friday). As we
> have more vertical teams than horizontal teams (and the space is the
> same size), we /should/ have more flexibility to add horizontal stuff.

This split in the PTG week raises an obvious question ...

Do we expect the horizontal folks to skip town by mid-week, or to hang
around without a home-room in order to talk to the vertical folks who
put the "project" in "cross-project"?

Conversely, do we expect the vertical teams to turn up on the Monday in
order to collaborate with the horizontal teams? (similarly without a
project room for the first 2 days?)


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