On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 01:11:23PM +0000, Frank Jansen wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> do you have any insight into the availability of a physical environment for 
> the ARM64 cloud?
> I’m curious, as there may be a need for downstream testing, which I would 
> assume will want to make use of our existing OSP CI framework.
The hardware is donated by Linaro and the first cloud is currently located in
China. As for details of hardware, I recently asked hrw in #openstack-infra and
this was his reply:

  hrw | pabelanger: misc aarch64 servers with 32+GB of ram and some GB/TB of 
storage. different vendors. That's probably the closest to what I can say
  hrw | pabelanger: some machines may be under NDA, some never reached mass 
market, some are mass market available, some are no longer mass market 

As for downstream testing, are you looking for arm64 hardware or hoping to use
the Linaro clouds for the testing.

- Paul

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