Hi Andreas,

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>De : Andreas Färber [mailto:afaer...@suse.de]
>Envoyé : lundi 10 octobre 2016 17:48
>À : LOIC DEVULDER - U329683; openSUSE ARM ML (opensuse-arm@opensuse.org)
>Objet : Re: [opensuse-arm] openSUSE on Nexbox z68 (GeekBox like TV box)
>Hi Loic,
>Am 10.10.2016 um 10:31 schrieb LOIC DEVULDER:
>> I tried to boot the kernel provided with JeOS without initrd (converted
>in ramfs) but I cannot load the kernel :-(
>> I know that the full boot is not possible, due to lack of initrd, but I
>would have try this just to see if the kernel can start.
>> I have error about missing partition, I need to investigate this further:
>> ...
>> try to start ramfs
>> ERROR: [rk_load_image_from_storage]: bootrk: failed to read ramdisk
>> Unable to boot:ramfs
>> ...
>You need to supply an empty initrd. From scripts I have around:
>./mkbootimg/mkbootimg --kernel linux/arch/arm64/boot/Image \
>                      --ramdisk initrd.cpio.gz -o ramfs.img
>sudo ./utils/upgrade_tool di ramfs ramfs.img
>initrd.cpio.gz is a gzip'ed empty cpio archive.

Thanks, I've tested this and it's better. Now I can see "Starting kernel ..." 
message but nothing else :-(
I have put console=ttyS2 for the serial console but I need to check if the 
serial console is on uart2 or uart4.
I know that the serial console is shared with sdcard port and, if I remember, 
is by default uart4.

I will try to test with console=ttyS4 tomorrow.



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