Am 15.10.2016 um 18:00 schrieb Efstathios Iosifidis:
> I tried the image from
> http://download.opensuse.org/ports/armv7hl/tumbleweed/images/
> and didn't work.

"didn't work" is much too imprecise, same for "the image". We would need
the full URL with versioned filename (now or a year ago?) and any serial
output, screenshots or anything concrete to investigate.

It can mean you didn't wait long enough while Kiwi re-partitions the SD
card (the most frequent report here) or that you expect HDMI/VGA/...
output while serial or ssh are working fine, or a $fdtfile mismatch for
your M1, ... way too many possibilities.

> So I took rootfs come from OBS.
> I posted a tutorial on lizards.

Google found this:

So essentially you're combining a downstream kernel with our rootfs, and
you never even wrote to this list back then, nor did you create a Wiki
page about your M1 board.

>> Then please report any errors to this list or on Bugzilla, and since
>> apparently you have found solutions, please create Submit Requests on
>> build.opensuse.org to have the official repositories fixed. If no
>> community member reports or fixes problems, things will stay broken.
> Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with OBS or other Bugzilla. I'm end
> user and I would like to install something and it'll work.

As an end user we certainly can expect you to log in to a website and
fill an error report into a form if you want us to fix something for
you. Don't tell me you can't do that when you post blog tutorials about
how to build a custom image!



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