On Samstag, 3. Februar 2018, 09:42:13 CET wrote Dirk Müller:

> The command to update the source state to build against is this:
> osc api -X POST '/source/openSUSE:Factory:ARM?cmd=freezelink'
> It needs to be run by someone who has maintainer rights in that
> project. currently it crashes though.

it seems we have a regression which makes this call dog-slow ...
(it parses the existing freeze link file again and again).

It seems still to work though, you experience most likely 
just a timeout of the api. The backend should finish correct
later on.

So your link should be fine, but we have to speed this up
again of course.

Btw, just updating the link in :ARM because I did not found
an exception mail...


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