03.02.2018 11:42, Dirk Müller пишет:
> Hi,
> We had a couple of issues related to getting a new build of Factory
> into openqa recently. This was partially caused
> by ARM not able to catch up with the check in frequency of x86. To
> some extend this was bad luck (the critial long
> running build job hitting the slowest / misconfigured worker taking
> forever to finish) and to some extend we just can't keep
> up I guess.
> Over the last few days Alex and I have reconfigured the workers to be
> less overcommitted and redirecting more resource
> intensive jobs to the better performing variants. hopefully this helps
> with the overall build speed and gets us to catch up.
> In addition, there is a rebuild counter sync endless-loop issue that
> isn't fully understood yet, but apparently either aarch64
> or armv7l were playing ping pong rebuilds with each other. we've
> stabilized that by disabling armv7l build temporarily (it is reenabled
> now).
> Last but not least as an experiment we've changed the source rebuild
> behavior. previously, Factory:ARM was directly using the
> sources from Factory, so whenever there was a source change there it
> immediately propagated to ARM. that contributed to
> rarely be able to finish a ftp tree build (because that one only
> starts when nothing else is building, and it takes a couple of hours
> to
> complete). without a ftp tree build, new DVDs are not entering openqa.
> So as an experiment we've switched to frozen links. this means we're
> linking sources from a particular level (0201 right now) of factory,
> and
> won't get automatic updates. That seems to work fine. unfortunately
> the "updating link" operation crashes the build service with an error
> 500,
> so we can't update anymore, and need an admin to fix that for us.
> The command to update the source state to build against is this:
> osc api -X POST '/source/openSUSE:Factory:ARM?cmd=freezelink'
> It needs to be run by someone who has maintainer rights in that
> project. currently it crashes though.

How often will it be triggered?

> Unfortunately I'll be out for a few days (vacation), so I hope alex or
> Andreas can figure out together with the OBS team on how to get
> that issue fixed.
> The plan is to add that into the totest manager, so that we're only
> taking source changes once when we just have handed off a build  to
> openqa. this
> way we might not try to do every snapshot that x86 publishes, but if
> we were able to finish one, we take the next one from aarch64
> (potentially skipping
> one or two interim ones on x86). this part isn't implemented yet
> though, I'll look at that end of next week.
> TIA,
> Dirk

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