Hi Attila,

We have a list of topics. I think the show would certainly need a regular personality for the show. I'm sure if we select one, we can start planning the day to do a show and from there we could start doing more topics and work down the list. Do you have any equipment that could be used?



On 02/18/2018 09:18 AM, Attila Pinter wrote:
Hi Erich

Couldn't help not noticing that openSUSE has no official podcast while other large distros are rolling out with official podcasts (Red Hat, Ubuntu and now Fedora) and in a thread on Twitter Richard Brown was kind enough and pointed me towards your direction. I understand that you are busy, but kinda hopping that you are maybe less busy nowadays ::) Would like to know if you could use any help to put some speed on this project? Not so much of a "podcaster" myself, but would be more than happy to help out with technicalities for example.

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