Hi Doug,

My apologies for the late reply, been crazy at work.

So was thinking about this and if there is nobody to take up on the podcast idea and if Eric is still busy then me and my mate would be more than happy to start one. We would need to get work out of the way first, but within 1-2 weeks time we would be able to start to make preparations for this project as in getting some equipment, topics you mentioned earlier etc.

Would this fly with you guys?


On 02/21/2018 01:25 PM, ddemaio wrote:
Hi Attila,

Erich had brought the idea up, but said he was super busy and would get around to it in the new year, but it looks like there hasn't been any activity since late November. I don't have any time to do a podcast but could certainly support a person doing it. I've never done one myself, so I wouldn't exactly know where to begin.



On 02/21/2018 07:14 AM, Attila Pinter wrote:
Hi Doug,

As mentioned I'm not really a podcaster therefore I own no equipment specific to the task (not like it would be a big deal to get equipment). That being sad I would be happy to contribute servers for example or whatever is required. Can also pitch in with some marketing support as well. Is there anybody currently who could dedicate time and energy to host this podcast?


On 02/19/2018 03:53 PM, ddemaio wrote:
Hi Attila,

We have a list of topics. I think the show would certainly need a regular personality for the show. I'm sure if we select one, we can start planning the day to do a show and from there we could start doing more topics and work down the list. Do you have any equipment that could be used?



On 02/18/2018 09:18 AM, Attila Pinter wrote:
Hi Erich

Couldn't help not noticing that openSUSE has no official podcast while other large distros are rolling out with official podcasts (Red Hat, Ubuntu and now Fedora) and in a thread on Twitter Richard Brown was kind enough and pointed me towards your direction. I understand that you are busy, but kinda hopping that you are maybe less busy nowadays ::) Would like to know if you could use any help to put some speed on this project? Not so much of a "podcaster" myself, but would be more than happy to help out with technicalities for example.

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