Am 12.10.16 um 13:17 schrieb Jonathan K. Bullard:
> Hi.
> On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 5:13 AM, Arne Schwabe <> wrote:
>> This option was useful when Ipv6 tun support was
>> non standard and was an internal/user specified flag
>> that tracked the Ipv6 capability of the tun device.
>> All supported OS support IPv6. Also tun-ipv6 is
>> pushable by the remote so not putting tun-ipv6
>> does not forbid ipv6 addresses.
> How will this patch affect a VPN on a system that has IPv6 disabled?
Short version: Fail as miserable as before.

tun-ipv6 is not saying "My OS can do IPv6" but more "My OS has the
required calls to configure a IPv6 tun". It came from a time when
configuring/sending IPv6 packets into a non IPv6 prepared tun screwed
things ups. You might think that leaving out tun-ipv6 might fix your
problem but tun-ipv6 is a pushable option and the server-ipv6 macro will
push it, so you end up with tun-ipv6 without having it in the client config.

You can do pull-filter tun-ipv6 or disable pulling all together but then
again you can do also pull-filter ifconfig-ipv6 and pull-filter
route-ipv6 which is a cleaner way then letting those commands fails (and
probably also the connection attempt).

The option really serves no good purposse anymore. If someone really
wants a disable IPv6 option this option isn't it.


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