> What I should have asked is: with this patch will an OpenVPN client
> still send out IPv4 packets if there are no IPv6 options specified or
> pulled from the server?

In short: Behave exactly as before.

Longer explaination:

Without the patch OpenVPN refuses ifconfig-ipv6 and route-ipv6 without
tun-ipv6 option because the tun device has not been configured in a IPv6
safe way. With patch it does not refuse the commands.

The problem that tun-ipv6 solved was "Method A works with IPv6/IPv4 but
might break on old versions of Linux(?) and Method B always works but
only IPv4".

On Linux the tun device has been opend/configured in different ways for
tun-ipv6 and non tun-ipv6 which are both IPv4/IPv6 capable (prepend a
header to packet/do not prepend a header) for reasons that are probably
lost in history. The patch unifies that to never prepends headers (IPv4
behaviour and Android behaviour).

For OS X tun (and utun) has always been opened in the same way no matter
if tun-ipv6 was specifiied. So only change for OS X is no longer
refusing ifconfig-ipv6 and route-ipv6 without tun-ipv6 option.


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