On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 08:53:02AM -0400, Jonathan K. Bullard wrote:
> What I should have asked is: with this patch will an OpenVPN client
> still send out IPv4 packets if there are no IPv6 options specified or
> pulled from the server?

Yes.   Basically, the tun interface is now always in "dual-stack mode"
on those platforms where it matters (some, like NetBSD, can have 
"IPv4 only mode" or "dual stack mode", and the latter was "newly added"
some 10 years ago...).

IPv4 is not going to be broken :-)

The only user visible change *expected* by this change is that previously,
"ifconfig-ipv6" would be rejected unless "tun-ipv6" was also configured, 
and now this dependency is gone - if you configure (or push) ifconfig-ipv6,
you get dual-stack v4+v6, if not, you get a dual-stacked tun interface
with only IPv4 active.

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