Here's the summary of the IRC meeting.


Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wednesday 31st Jan 2018
Time: 11:30 CET (10:30 UTC)

Planned meeting topics for this meeting were here:


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chipitsine, cron2, dazo, mattock, ordex and plaisthos participated in
this meeting.


Noted that the "mgmt version 2 / pk-sign and 2.4" topic was already
covered on the mailing list and does not need further discussion.


Discussed the OpenVPN 2.4.5 release. The release date was set to
Wednesday 7th February. Git tree will be tagged on Tuesday evening.

The "Ensure strings read from registry are null-terminated" patches are
still missing:


The "Allow changing cipher from a ccd file" is also not merged:


The NSIS fix for OpenSSL 1.1 compatibility was merged during the meeting:


Some OpenVPN-GUI localizations are still pending, but they're not a
blocker for the release.

It was agreed to make OpenSSL 1.1-based Windows NSIS installers the
default, but to have OpenSSL 1.0-based installers available as fallback.

Agreed that we also need to start pushing the MSI installer forward.


Discussed the "Update copyright notes" patch:


It was agreed that updating copyrights makes sense, even if only to show
that we're actively working on the files in question.


Discussed the "Supported Versions" page on Trac:


The page was improved during the meeting to a point where it was
acceptable to everyone. (It was later linked to from the Trac from page)


Agreed that making the OpenVPN 2 release procedures public makes sense,
insofar as possible. Mattock will add that documentation to Trac when he
makes the 2.4.5 release.


Full chatlog attached.

Samuli Seppänen
Community Manager
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

irc freenode net: mattock

(12:30:00) mattock: meeting time?
(12:31:08) ordex: in 15 secs
(12:31:17) mattock: can't wait that long
(12:31:20) ordex: meh
(12:31:21) ordex: :P
(12:31:43) cron2: meep
(12:31:47) ***dazo is here
(12:31:58) dazo: or at least tries to :-P
(12:32:12) ordex ha scelto come argomento: Agenda at 
(12:33:16) cron2: dazo: good that you are here
(12:33:34) cron2: shall we start?  syzzer is snowboarding
(12:34:32) mattock: yes
(12:35:39) cron2: topic 2 has been answered by Selva on the list already - "our 
GUI does not care, and if it did, openvpn core would tell the gui what version 
it supports"
(12:36:07) cron2: topic 1 - release next week.  What is convenient for dazo and 
(12:36:29) ***dazo looks at his calendar
(12:36:29) cron2: I can get the missing patches in this week, so we can do 
anything after sunday
(12:38:25) mattock: I don't have anything in particular for next week
(12:38:26) dazo: eek ... next 2 weeks are ugly unpredictable :/ ... But I think 
I can squeeze in something Thu or Wed
(12:39:41) cron2: so I'll aim for "tagging on tuesday evening"?
(12:39:52) dazo: goodie :)
(12:40:13) cron2: good (we shouldn't actually need you, unless something 
unexpected happens)
(12:40:42) dazo: fair enough ... I actually like that :)
(12:40:43) mattock: sounds good
(12:41:04) mattock: what about the two missing patches from Selva?
(12:41:15) mattock: let's see previous meeting's summary...
(12:41:22) cron2: going back...
(12:42:08) cron2: 195 and 202 are in
(12:42:29) cron2: "series=59" isn't -> thanks for the reminder
(12:42:50) cron2: https://patchwork.openvpn.net/patch/92/
(12:42:52) vpnHelper: Title: [v2] Allow changing cipher from a ccd file - 
Patchwork (at patchwork.openvpn.net)
(12:42:55) cron2: is the other one that should go in
(12:43:19) cron2: so: series=59 and /92/ and then we're good to go (as far as 
I'm aware)
(12:43:44) mattock: uh, took a while but here: 
(12:43:45) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel] Summary of the community meeting 
(Wed, 24th Jan 2018) (at www.mail-archive.com)
(12:46:00) mattock: the NSIS fix is still missing one small thing, but it can 
be done by Tue/Wed
(12:46:04) cron2: cool
(12:46:16) mattock: localizations for openvpn-gui may or may not be ready, but 
that's not a blocker
(12:46:18) chipitsine: which small thing ?
(12:46:20) cron2: so we'll do "traditional .exe with openssl 1.0 and nsis with 
(12:46:38) mattock: chipitsine: the *.dll thing in uninstall
(12:47:14) chipitsine: https://github.com/OpenVPN/openvpn-build/pull/122
(12:47:15) vpnHelper: Title: make openvpn.nsi compatible with openssl-1.1.0 as 
well by chipitsine · Pull Request #122 · OpenVPN/openvpn-build · GitHub (at 
(12:47:50) mattock: ah, good!
(12:48:30) mattock: I'll merge that
(12:49:04) mattock: done
(12:49:06) mattock: thanks!
(12:49:10) ordex: that was fast
(12:49:10) ordex: :)
(12:49:18) mattock: yep
(12:49:36) mattock: cron2: are asking if we should have 1.0.x -based installers 
in addition to the new 1.1.x-based ones?
(12:49:38) cron2: cool
(12:49:59) cron2: mattock: more like "asking what you(we) have planned to 
(12:50:16) mattock: do we trust openssl 1.1 support in openvpn enough to make 
it the only choice?
(12:50:24) mattock: or should we make it optional for a while?
(12:50:45) mattock: or push out 1.1-based installer, then it fails horribly, 
then we backpedal? :P
(12:50:46) dazo: I'd trust 1.1, code wise
(12:51:04) dazo: whether it plays nicely on Windows with OpenVPN ... that I 
(12:51:10) cron2: I'd offer 1.0 based .exe installers and 1.1 based .msi 
installers, if that can be done without too much extra work
(12:51:24) mattock: ah, I see
(12:51:34) mattock: we don't have .msi yet
(12:51:39) cron2: so "if all fails, go back to what we know works", and 
otherwise "here's the cool stuff for the future"
(12:51:42) cron2: ah
(12:51:48) cron2: I thought you had .msi working as well :)
(12:51:50) mattock: no
(12:52:09) mattock: I've postponed working on that because Simon was supposed 
to bootstrap the msi project
(12:52:15) cron2: maybe then just 1.0 + 1.1 installers?  in case we run into 
something funky, like "tls 1.0 + x + y + windows only works with 1.0"
(12:52:23) mattock: I can do that
(12:52:25) cron2: so: poke Simon :)
(12:52:28) mattock: yes
(12:52:32) mattock: it's about time I think
(12:52:59) mattock: then: should we offer 1.1 as the default, with 1.0 hidden 
slightly better?
(12:53:57) cron2: I think that makes sense, otherwise people will not test :)
(12:54:03) mattock: my thoughts exactly
(12:54:12) mattock: let's do that unless someone objects
(12:54:22) mattock: are we done with 2.4.5?
(12:54:41) cron2: I'm good
(12:54:52) mattock: copyright notices next?
(12:54:56) cron2: yep
(12:55:07) ***cron2 has no opinion on that and defers to dazo
(12:55:19) mattock: I think copyright year does not matter much
(12:55:31) ordex: legally they should be updated
(12:55:34) cron2: 
(12:55:36) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel] [PATCH 1/1] Update copyright notes 
(at www.mail-archive.com)
(12:55:37) ordex: and it makes sense
(12:55:37) dazo: yeah
(12:55:45) dazo: I think it makes sense too
(12:55:53) ordex: because we are still honouring the authorship
(12:55:58) ordex: who makes the change does not matter
(12:56:06) dazo: but ... I dunno how these chances where done ... we added a 
update-copyright script for the 2.4 release
(12:56:14) cron2: the authorship does not expire, even if the year is not 
updated (at least here in .de)
(12:56:16) dazo: which should do everything in a verifiable manner
(12:56:27) mattock: it should be necessary to update the year
(12:56:35) mattock: should _not_ be...
(12:56:36) ordex: cron2: yup, but just a s a reminder of "we are still working 
on this" for the general public
(12:57:07) mattock: yeah
(12:57:08) dazo: for the code which OpenVPN Inc owns, it is more important to 
state the continued ownership
(12:57:09) cron2: anyway, I have no opinion, but we have this patch and need a 
decision :-) - so dazo and ordex think it should be done, that's what it is
(12:57:38) mattock: fine with me
(12:58:26) mattock: so merge and move on?
(12:58:42) dazo: review, merge and move on ;-)
(12:58:43) cron2: dazo: so can you have a look, and either ACK or run your 
(12:58:54) dazo: I'll have a look at it today
(12:58:58) cron2: thanks
(12:59:05) ordex:  Iwas reading up some stuff, and apparently, in line with 
what cron2 says, the "creation" year is the most important, to set on stone 
when the authorship started. but generally I think it;s a good idea as of "we 
keep on working on this"
(12:59:23) ordex: ok
(13:00:40) ordex: next ?
(13:00:51) mattock: yes
(13:00:57) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/SupportedVersions
(13:00:59) vpnHelper: Title: SupportedVersions – OpenVPN Community (at 
(13:01:03) mattock: I found this one a bit by accident
(13:01:06) cron2: looks good to me
(13:01:10) mattock: I modified it to (hopefully) make it more clear
(13:01:55) cron2: maybe we need a heading befor the first table that specifies 
something like "Support categories"
(13:02:01) chipitsine: some access.log statistics like "how many there were 
Vista on 31 jan 2018" would be really nice on that page
(13:02:16) cron2: or move the categories table below the "Current release" 
tables, so it's clear what these categories refer to
(13:02:22) plaisthos: we still support 2.1 *rubs eyes*
(13:02:30) mattock: yeah, what is our vista support policy?
(13:02:39) ordex: the first table is not entirely clear to me *grasp* *grasp*
(13:02:41) cron2: plaisthos: in the CVE bugfest last year, I actually merged 
2.1 fixes
(13:02:42) mattock: I can get some numbers from openvpn.net about Vista usage 
if we want
(13:02:57) cron2: ordex: the first table is clear as soon as you look at the 
second table :-) - which is why I suggested reordering
(13:03:02) ordex: :D
(13:03:02) ordex: ah
(13:03:12) mattock: I'll move it and we can have a second look
(13:03:20) dazo: plaisthos: well, only git tree updates for 2.1 ... for the 
really nasty CVEs which is possible to easily fix
(13:03:36) ordex: cron2: right :D
(13:03:54) dazo: but we're not obliged to ... git tree support is 12 months 
after the last official release (Nov 4, 2010)
(13:04:05) mattock: done
(13:04:40) mattock: looks better now?
(13:04:43) ordex: a bit :D
(13:04:53) cron2: maybe add a blank line before "Support categories" and make 
the "Current releases ..." heading same level as "Support categories"
(13:05:07) ordex: imho we should have a first section describing the various 
release levels one by one
(13:05:10) cron2: but then it's a good reference (and it matches what I 
remember :) )
(13:05:11) ordex: as a brief intro
(13:05:28) ordex: because it is not clear, unless you read the table and then 
you infer by yourself, imho
(13:05:33) ordex: *tables*
(13:05:37) cron2: ordex: have you reloaded?
(13:05:41) mattock: fixed that
(13:05:50) cron2: better
(13:06:01) ordex: ah yeah
(13:06:03) ordex: better
(13:06:20) cron2: ordex: I think the first table is informative, and if you 
want to understand exactly what "full stable support" means, you look to table 2
(13:06:32) ordex: yeah
(13:06:33) ordex: makes sense
(13:06:47) dazo: mattock: you took out a sentence regarding "old stable 
support" when simplifying the description below the support categories table
(13:07:19) mattock: yes I did, because I did not understand it :)
(13:07:27) mattock: you can add it back
(13:07:36) mattock: oh
(13:07:37) mattock: typo
(13:07:40) dazo: yeah, the previous text might not be too clear
(13:07:48) mattock: fixing
(13:08:04) cron2: maybe as an introduction something like "This page documents 
our currently existing community OpenVPN versions and branches, and our support 
plans for each" or so
(13:08:09) mattock: done
(13:08:17) dazo: ahh, better!
(13:08:20) dazo: thx!
(13:08:42) mattock: I had just typoed that particular line
(13:08:43) dazo: cron2++
(13:08:57) dazo: mattock: now it makes sense ... so all good :)
(13:09:04) mattock: adding cron2's suggested introduction
(13:09:22) ordex: sounds good
(13:09:28) mattock: done
(13:09:35) mattock: looking good now?
(13:09:48) cron2: works for me
(13:10:31) dazo: wfm2
(13:10:32) cron2: mattock: do you have a "how to make a release" check list?  
Updating "Version / Last release" on *this* page should go onto it
(13:10:48) mattock: I do, I will do
(13:11:23) dazo: that "how to make a release" should be on our public wiki too 
... at least the steps which can be exposed to the public
(13:11:39) mattock: agreed
(13:12:11) mattock: I can actually document those steps prior to 2.4.5 into Trac
(13:12:22) mattock: prior to release is the best time anyways
(13:12:37) mattock: I'd like to go get some lunch now
(13:12:38) dazo: perfect
(13:12:42) mattock: are we done?
(13:12:58) ordex: we have patches in pw to refresh maybe, but it's just routine
(13:13:10) ordex: maybe after the release
(13:13:15) mattock: I won't be of much help anyways
(13:13:21) mattock: but feel free to go on
(13:13:21) dazo: just a quick note on the FIPS "on hold" item .... this might 
be interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arCBEgHo5dA
(13:13:54) cron2: ordex: just send reviews to the list :-) - I need to find 
food now as well
(13:14:01) ordex: hehe
(13:14:02) cron2: but I'll pick it up from there
(13:14:05) mattock: let's conclude the meeting then
(13:14:12) mattock: I will try to get the summary out later today
(13:14:15) ordex: yup sounds good
(13:14:18) ***ordex goes for dinner as well
(13:14:24) cron2: enjoy
(13:14:30) mattock: ok bye guys!
(13:14:35) chipitsine ha abbandonato la stanza (quit: Quit: chipitsine).
(13:14:41) cron2: *wave*
(13:14:44) ordex: bye!
(13:14:48) ordex: dazo: is it really worth? :D
(13:17:39) dazo: ?
(13:17:53) dazo: ahh, the video
(13:30:40) ordex: yeah :D
(13:31:04) dazo: depends ;-)
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