On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 03:42:40PM +0800, Antonio Quartulli wrote:
> From: Antonio Quartulli <anto...@openvpn.net>
> This change ensures that an interface is properly brought
> up even when only IPv6 settings are configured/pushed.
> At the same time, the do_ifconfig() function has been rearranged by
> splitting the logic into a v4 and a v6 specific part. Each part has
> then been moved into an idependent helper that can be invoked as
> needed.
> This makes the code easier to read and more "symmetric" with
> respect to the two address families.

Thanks for the update with a somewhat more verbose commit message, and
including the "changes from v2" bit.

Most of the changes are good, so "close to ACK"...

Staring at the resulting code, I saw something I hadn't noticed in v1/v2 -
"MTU handling".  For example, on Linux with IPROUTE, we now call this
twice, once for IPv4 and once for IPv6

    /* set the MTU for the device and bring it up */
    argv_printf(&argv, "%s link set dev %s up mtu %d", iproute_path, ifname,
    argv_msg(M_INFO, &argv);
    openvpn_execve_check(&argv, es, S_FATAL, "Linux ip link set failed");

not sure if this has adverse effects, but it looks a tad silly in the
logs...  other platforms just set the MTU in the actual "ifconfig" call
(if at all) so it's no new calls.

Another thing I noticed is that we really love to set tt->did_ifconfig
(in every single platform branch in do_ifconfig_ipv6()) - maybe that
one should be *renamed* to did_ifconfig_ipv4, and set only once...

... and of course close_tun() (all of them) needs to be adapted for the 
ipv6-only case.  It currently does cleanup at program end, and that depends 
on "tt->did_ifconfig", which is only set of there is IPv4...

Looking more closely at Linux' close_tun(), I think tt->did_ifconfig can 
just go, and be replaced by 

  if (tt->did_ifconfig_ipv4_setup)
    { cleanup ipv4 }
  if (tt->did_ifconfig_ipv6_setup)
    { cleanup ipv6 }

(in each close_tun() function, for all platforms that have cleanups)

The idea behind tt->did_ifconfig seems to have been "only cleanup for
those platforms that actually have an ifconfig strategy" - but since
nobody except linux close_tun() ever *looks* at tt->did_ifconfig, it's
just leftover bloat.

While at it, we might want to replace the big "if(tt) { ... }" wrapper 
around most of the close_tun() functions with a quick exit...

    if ( !tt )

Or if we are daring, with an ASSERT(tt)... not sure if close_tun() can
ever be called without a valid tuntap pointer... - well, the normal
caller of close_tun() is "do_close_tun_simple()" in init.c, so we could
just move it as "if(c->c1.tuntap) { close_tun(c->c1.tuntap); }" there...
(there are also tuncfg() and solaris_error_close(), which both have 
a valid tt, always).

Reading through this, I think it would make sense to have a "0/8" pre-patch
that gets rid of tt->did_ifconfig and gets rid of the if(tt) indentation
in close_tun(), and then rebase 1/8 on top of that, and add ipv4/ipv6
differenciation to close_tun() where needed.

Anyway, at least the interface address removal bits need a v4 of this 

> Cc: Gert Doering <g...@greenie.muc.de>

And please no cc:' to me in commit messages - it slightly annoys me to 
receive mails twice with different headers, and serves no useful purpose.

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