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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Thu 13th February 2020
Time: 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC)

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cron2, lev, mattock, plaisthos and wiscii participated in this meeting.


Lev and plaisthos got the ok from OpenVPN Inc. to spend as much time on
OpenVPN 2.5 as needed to get it out. One of the big motivations was the
upcoming OSTIF.org audit.

Noted that despite that meeting the "end of February" deadline might be
challenging as cron2 will be on vacation on next week (so merging will
be slow).

The main missing pieces from 2.5 are client-connect and joint (MSI)
installer with Wintun and tap-windows6. Plus plowing through the open
trac tickets and patchwork to see what needs to be fixed.


Noted that MSI installers will need - and were planned to - be
architecture specific, with a shim installer that is able to select the
correct installer based on architecture.


Full chatlog attached
(21:05:05) cron2: I am sort of here
(21:05:15) lev__: okay, so plaisthos and me got an approval from inc to spend 
as much time as needed to get 2.5 out soon
(21:06:04) cron2: wut
(21:06:16) cron2: this is great
(21:06:32) mattock: yep, I  brought this up in a meeting with CEO and others
(21:06:43) mattock: one of the big motivations was the upcoming OSTIF.org audit
(21:06:55) cron2: I have been crayzily busy for the last few weeks (like, 
charging 14.5 hours to $customer yesterday... starting work at 8, finishing at 
(21:07:26) cron2: the next 3 days I go snowboarding with the kids, but will see 
that I can get a few things merged in the evenings :)
(21:07:59) mattock: good, because we need a merger :)
(21:08:02) cron2: we won't make "end of february", though, as that hits my 
vacation week...
(21:08:10) lev__: why not ski? :)
(21:08:37) cron2: did ski for ~35 years, decided it's too much effort and 
somewhat boring, started something new, liked snowboarding more
(21:08:42) cron2: fits my hairstyle better
(21:08:48) mattock: :D
(21:09:00) mattock: anyhow
(21:09:06) cron2: will do my best
(21:09:55) mattock: should we do some 2.5 coordination here? or just let lev 
and plaisthos plow through the patches?
(21:10:14) cron2: what about ordex?  that secret project keeping him busy?
(21:10:43) lev__: not sure how secret is it, but yes
(21:10:50) mattock: I was about to say exactly the same
(21:11:23) lev__: what critical things we are missing? client-connect, what 
(21:11:44) cron2: client-connect and joint installer with wintun, I think
(21:12:15) cron2: and plowing through the open trac list which of those are 
real bugs and should be fixed :)
(21:12:25) lev__: current nsis installer already supports wintun
(21:13:01) lev__: but it won't be bad to have msi
(21:13:15) mattock: but I guess ordex could be detached for stuff nobody else 
can do
(21:14:17) mattock: MSI is at the mercy of rozmansi
(21:14:37) mattock: I won't have time to learn MSI well enough to take his 
place or even help him out except in testing
(21:16:11) lev__: by the way, our (inc) apps team told that they had to produce 
separate installers for x86 and x64, since wintun provides separates installer 
modules and apparently they cannot be used together
(21:16:39) mattock: this is about MSI, correct?
(21:16:49) lev__: yes
(21:17:20) mattock: rozmansi did plan on having separate installers anyways, 
and having a "shim" that is able to select which one to use, depending on the 
(21:17:25) mattock: so I guess that is covered
(21:17:43) lev__: wg also provides two separate installers
(21:22:12) cron2: yep
(21:22:40) mattock: anything else we should discuss?
(21:24:31) cron2: working my way through the ACK queue
(21:24:37) mattock: ok
(21:24:59) cron2: it's really nice to see so much activity (though I had 
preferred to have this in less busy times, like "last month", but anyway, ACKs 
and reviews are good)
(21:26:09) mattock: I will also dare open my INBOX - I've been avoiding for a 
day or so that I get work done :D
(21:29:48) plaisthos: hey, I am semi afk but yeah, I am trying to go through 
all patches in patchworks
(21:29:51) plaisthos: and I started with the oldest
(21:31:13) mattock: which year is that from? :P
(21:32:02) plaisthos: 2018
(21:32:59) mattock: well not that bad
(21:33:18) cron2: you have set NAKed patches to "changes wanted" (etc) already?
(21:33:29) cron2: like, the "alternative names support" patch?
(21:37:28) plaisthos: yeah
(21:37:43) plaisthos: I might have forgotten some but will do that eventually
(21:37:54) plaisthos: to what status do I set acked but not yet merged patches?
(21:41:20) cron2: if there is an ACK, I will hopefully pick em up by my own
(21:41:30) cron2: but you can delegate to me (if you can't, bugger mattock to 
give you rights)
(21:42:12) wiscii: might i recommend "bother" not bugger
(21:42:27) cron2: why?
(21:42:57) wiscii: the meaning is self evident
(21:43:34) mattock: in any case bother or bug me as needed :D
(21:48:27) mattock: I have a summary ready if there is nothing else :)
(21:49:54) wiscii: my request can wait till after
(21:51:12) mattock: I forwarded it to openvpn-devel
(21:51:48) mattock: I will send the summary in 5 minutes unless somebody brings 
up a topic
(21:51:59) wiscii: mattock: if you mean me then thanks but i'll msg dazo after
(21:52:10) mattock: yes I mean you
(21:52:13) mattock: :)
(21:52:20) wiscii: okey dokey, thanks
(21:52:33) mattock: no problem!

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