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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Thu 27th February 2020
Time: 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC)

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cron2, dazo, lev and mattock participated in this meeting.


Discussed OpenVPN 2.5 status.

Noted that we're reaching a point where MSI installer is becoming "the"
blocker for 2.5. Everyone would like to drop NSIS in favor of MSI, if
possible. Mattock sent email to rozmansi asking about MSI status.

On top of that we have "asymmetric compression support" and "async
client-connect" and some isolated patches which lack ACKs or need work.

Selvanair volunteered to backport some of the patches from "master" to
"release/2.5". This was ok for everyone.


Decided to remove the ​--disable-server compile-time option from OpenVPN
2.5. We asked about doing that on our mailing lists and only one person
was against it, and the arguments were not particularly compelling.


Full chatlog attached
(21:00:20) mattock: good evening
(21:00:51) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2020-02-27
(21:02:24) lev__: hello
(21:02:44) mattock: hi!
(21:04:00) dazo: Hey!
(21:04:07) dazo: \o/ I remembered today!
(21:04:18) mattock: good
(21:04:20) mattock: :)
(21:05:49) mattock: cron2 said he'd be a bit late
(21:08:06) mattock: I see ​removing --disable-server 
(21:08:28) mattock: is that for 2.5 as well?
(21:09:14) dazo: That's a ./configure option ... so I think that's reasonable 
for 2.5
(21:10:18) mattock: where are we at 2.5-vise in general?
(21:12:07) dazo: I've tried to update this status page ... 
(21:12:33) lev__: mattock: in what state msi installer is?
(21:13:00) mattock: it is in the same state as rozmansi left it
(21:13:07) lev__: it is marked as "done", but I don't think this is the case
(21:13:27) mattock: definitely not "done" in the sense that I would know what 
to do when the release comes
(21:13:31) mattock: I will email rozmansi now
(21:14:59) dazo: We have "Purge NSIS installers" in "todo", "MSI testing" in 
work needed ... and "MSI packaging" in done ... almost like a Schrödingers cat 
experiment ... we might know when we do the release :-P
(21:15:13) mattock: sent email to rozmansi
(21:15:22) mattock: he knows the answer
(21:15:41) mattock: there were complications with WiX toolkits driver 
installation thing
(21:16:02) mattock: can't recall the exact details since hackathon is already 
months aways
(21:16:33) ***cron2 is here
(21:17:33) dazo: other than that .... in the "must have" section, it's not much 
left .... "asymmetric compression support" and "async client-connect" is the 
key main tasks left ... plus we have a few more ACKs on the mailing list which 
needs to be processed
(21:17:42) mattock: hi cron2!
(21:18:01) cron2: I'm on vacation, but will be back home on Saturday.  So, 
there is hope for these lonely ACKs :)
(21:18:43) dazo: I'll see what I can manage tomorrow too ... selva also wanted 
a few of the master patches to release/2.4, which is a reasonable request - 
just haven't had enough time to tackle them yet
(21:19:29) cron2: yes. I brought this up for one of the patches related to 
iservice, and he volunteered to rebase and send a 2.4 version - which makes 
lots of sense, I just had no time either
(21:20:24) dazo: on a not related note ... mattock, can we please  get rid of 
the cf ddos redirect thing by now?  This is how my URL to the status page looks 
like now: 
(21:20:24) dazo: 
(21:20:37) cron2: ewww
(21:20:37) mattock: oh yes, I will ask andrew
(21:20:44) mattock: it hit me like 10 minutes ago
(21:20:45) cron2: haven't noticed, but looking at my browser, indeed
(21:21:16) mattock: done
(21:21:51) dazo: (and the other day ... these "shouldn't take more than 5 
seconds" took over 2 minutes ... )
(21:23:14) dazo: sorry for the de-rail
(21:23:30) dazo: anything else on the 2.5 release?
(21:24:37) mattock: not from my end
(21:25:11) cron2: not from my end, the last weeks have been too busy
(21:25:41) mattock: in any case we need MSI soon
(21:25:56) dazo: yes :)
(21:26:11) mattock: it would be a shame to have to continue with NSIS with so 
much effort gone into MSI...
(21:26:19) dazo: yeah
(21:26:19) cron2: yes :)
(21:26:26) dazo: so ... topic #2?
(21:26:35) mattock: yes
(21:26:36) mattock: Removal of ​--disable-server compile-time option 
(21:26:58) cron2: we've brought this up on the list, and *one* person argued in 
favour of this option, but I did not find it exactly compelling
(21:27:26) dazo: yeah ... I stumbled upon this mail thread again the other day 
... and I thought, given the fairly low response rate ... I think we can kick 
it out; I don't think anyone really needs it
(21:27:54) cron2: this
(21:27:55) dazo: I agree with cron2, the one person appearing didn't provide 
any solid arguments why we need to maintain that
(21:28:55) dazo: (the mail was sent Sept 18, 2019 ... with this one response 
Dec 22)
(21:31:37) mattock: so --disable-server shall go in 2.5?
(21:31:51) cron2: yes
(21:32:22) mattock: gut
(21:32:30) mattock: anything else on 2.5 or other topics?
(21:32:47) cron2: no review for me today
(21:32:50) cron2: too tired
(21:33:04) mattock: late evening is probably not the best time to review 
anything anyways
(21:33:23) mattock: are we good for today?
(21:34:11) dazo: Probably ... I'll give the --disable-server patch a stab now 
... and suggest a patch very quickly
(21:34:22) mattock: great!
(21:35:00) mattock: I'm pretty much done with summary so people please speak up 
now if needed :)
(21:36:10) mattock: dazo: I'd need to the password for my shiny new 
secur...@openvpn.net key 
(21:36:21) mattock: I believe I complied with your requirements :)
(21:36:23) dazo: mattock: I thought I had sent you that
(21:36:27) mattock: hmm
(21:36:34) mattock: ok, let me double-check
(21:37:34) mattock: can't find it - care to resend?
(21:37:45) mattock: it seems like rackspace lost some emails for some people 
(21:38:11) dazo: sure, I'll do that ... oh wait ... you had a new key?  Maybe I 
wanted to confirm that
(21:38:35) mattock: you sent me the key but without a password
(21:38:47) dazo: oh, duh ... right
(21:39:00) dazo: I'll resent the key then
(21:39:03) mattock: thanks!
(21:39:15) mattock: meeting concluded then
(21:39:17) mattock: :)
(21:39:24) cron2: good night :)
(21:39:41) dazo: g'night

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