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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Thu 12th March 2020
Time: 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC)

Planned meeting topics for this meeting were here:


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cron2, dazo, lev, mattock, plaisthos and rozmansi participated in this


Mattock mentioned that he fixed the "unable to register [to community
services] due to plus sign in the mail address" issue today:



Talked about the OpenVPN MSI installer. Rozmansi's work consists of
several PRs and patches:


Mattock will review the PRs. It would be good if Windows-capable
developers such as lev or selvanair would do the same. The MSM code is
from the Wireguard project and modified only minimally.

Rozmansi has tested the MSI installers pretty thoroughly. Still it would
be good to get external testing as well. Rozmansi will provide test
installer for now and lev will put them on staging.openvpn.net.

It was agreed that we should only publish the EXE installer (will pick
32 or 64-bit MSI embedded). We will instruct IT admins to run
"openvpn-install.exe /extract" to get the MSI packages, e.g. for GPO


Discussed the "disable DNS testing" patch. It was agreed that it is
still useful and should be merged.


Noted that the following things still need work before we can release 2.5:


- Purge NSIS installers
- Review and test of MSI changes (rozmansi, mattock, lev, selvanair)
- sync client-connect support (lev, plaisthos, dazo)
- async compress patch (plaisthos)
- man page formatting change

On top of that we should

- go through what we have on the list / in patchwork
- go through trac and see what's broken (a few tickets are important)


Full chatlog attached
(20:59:11) mattock: evening
(21:00:09) lev__: hello
(21:00:30) rozmansi [sid334387@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-nzmdtcodbfqmjyci] è 
entrato nella stanza.
(21:00:38) rozmansi: 'evening
(21:02:13) cron2: hullo
(21:02:19) plaisthos: moin
(21:02:55) mattock: it seems we have a crowd here
(21:03:15) cron2: indeed... any word from dazo?
(21:03:28) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2020-03-12
(21:03:30) vpnHelper: Title: Topics-2020-03-12 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(21:04:16) mattock: checking
(21:06:05) mattock: nothing in my inbox from dazo
(21:06:11) dazo: hey!
(21:06:14) mattock: hi!
(21:06:37) dazo: sorry!  Just deep into coding ... and time flies ....
(21:07:50) mattock: btw. I resolved this today: 
https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/ticket/1171 ("unable to register due to 
plus sign in the mail address")
(21:07:52) vpnHelper: Title: #1171 (unable to register due to plus sign in the 
mail address) – OpenVPN Community (at community.openvpn.net)
(21:08:08) mattock: long-standing issue which some people really wanted
(21:08:11) mattock: to get fixed
(21:08:19) cron2: mattock: this is nice.  A friend of mine ran into this and 
then complained to me just the other day :)
(21:08:31) mattock: yep, and people complained on twitter which triggered this 
(21:08:43) mattock: fortunately the fix did not require a Pwm upgrade (that 
would have been a big job)
(21:09:18) mattock: anyhow
(21:09:20) mattock: 2.5?
(21:09:38) mattock: MSI maybe? :P
(21:09:49) cron2: I've done a bit of merge-ACKed and also reviewed some of 
rozmansi's new work
(21:10:03) cron2: it would be good to have reviews and test on the 
openvpn-build and the msi work
(21:10:44) cron2: I am happy to merge everything that looks like "it does not 
introduce broken code" and "rozmansi knows what he's doing", though - so all 
the openvpnmsica stuff is his code anyway
(21:10:50) rozmansi: sure... I have tested it myself as much as I could... But 
still, everything is very fresh.
(21:10:57) lev__: are new MSI installers available somewhere
(21:11:10) rozmansi: I can build and post them...
(21:11:39) rozmansi: mind it's a set of three:
(21:11:40) rozmansi: https://github.com/OpenVPN/tap-windows6/pull/106
(21:11:41) vpnHelper: Title: MSM packaging by rozmansi · Pull Request #106 · 
OpenVPN/tap-windows6 · GitHub (at github.com)
(21:11:45) lev__: maybe upload them to 
(21:11:47) vpnHelper: Title: Index of /downloads/snapshots/ (at 
(21:11:50) rozmansi: patches on mailing list (patchwork)
(21:12:10) cron2: it's not an openvpn patch
(21:12:13) rozmansi: and  https://github.com/OpenVPN/openvpn-build/pull/141
(21:12:15) vpnHelper: Title: Windows MSI Packaging by rozmansi · Pull Request 
#141 · OpenVPN/openvpn-build · GitHub (at github.com)
(21:12:31) cron2: lev__: patchwork only has openvpn patches (today)
(21:12:55) cron2: tap-windows6 and openvpn-build only have github repos *and* 
do PRs
(21:12:59) rozmansi: lev__: sure, probably later this evening
(21:13:18) lev__: well I meant build.openvpn.net, where we have snapshots 
(21:13:32) cron2: ah, misunderstanding
(21:14:34) rozmansi: lev__: but I don't know if I have permissions/means to 
upload anything to https://build.openvpn.net/downloads/snapshots/... Will 
upload somewhere and post URL.
(21:14:36) lev__: rozmansi: if you provide me binary I can upload it to 
(21:14:47) rozmansi: lev__: okay
(21:17:19) mattock: I can put stuff to build.openvpn.in if needed
(21:18:42) mattock: I see that the tap-windows6 has extensive changes to docs 
(21:18:54) mattock: I'll review that
(21:19:25) rozmansi: There is one commit that did it. It is my vision how the 
TAP-Windows6 driver should be deployed in the future.
(21:20:17) rozmansi: We could remove that commit for now if you think I'm going 
too fast. But do review it to get a better idea what the TAP-Windows6 MSM is 
(21:20:42) mattock: I'll check it, I have no opinions yet
(21:21:05) plaisthos: dazo: you still need to review the 2FA patches
(21:21:11) mattock: I'll also check the changes in 
(21:21:14) vpnHelper: Title: Windows MSI Packaging by rozmansi · Pull Request 
#141 · OpenVPN/openvpn-build · GitHub (at github.com)
(21:21:20) mattock: maybe selva or lev could also have a look
(21:21:44) lev__: rozmansi: that MSM packaging code in tap-windows6 - is it 
mostly from WG?
(21:21:49) lev__: *wintun 
(21:21:50) dazo: yikes ... yes, plaisthos
(21:22:09) mattock: rozmansi: also: is the code from wireguard 100% the same or 
slightly different?
(21:23:04) rozmansi: lev__: yes, MSM packaging is a duplicate of Wintun MSM 
with some minor amends to adopt it for TAP-Windows6
(21:23:46) rozmansi: mattock: I have removed the ioctl call to force close 
handles (TAP-Windows6 doesn't have that).
(21:24:00) lev__: that PR is huge
(21:24:05) rozmansi: mattock: and renamed function and file names
(21:24:38) rozmansi: lev__: the project file was done from scratch. Could merge 
it to a single commit. The .h and .c files are copied.
(21:24:50) lev__: and openvpn-build has 103 commits :)
(21:24:53) mattock: I suppose the code has been pretty static at the wireguard 
end? I'm just wondering about long-term maintenance
(21:24:54) lev__: (PR)
(21:25:17) rozmansi: oh, openvpn-build... I started working on that PR in 2018.
(21:25:31) mattock: it needs some squashing once it is "ready" :D
(21:26:36) rozmansi: yep. Whatever you prefer. I kept it in baby steps because 
things were pretty much my brainstorming before it settled. Squash would be 
fine with me.
(21:27:12) mattock: anyways, let's check the PRs and move from there
(21:27:35) mattock: so rozmansi will provide test installer for now, and lev 
will put them on staging.openvpn.net?
(21:28:13) rozmansi: yes
(21:28:16) lev__: yes
(21:28:57) mattock: ok
(21:29:07) mattock: what else on 2.5?
(21:29:20) cron2: dazo, plaisthos: how's your schedule?
(21:29:53) cron2: lev__, rozmansi: with the new tun.c patches that reorder 
ifconfig/set dns, do we still want to merge the "disable DNS testing" patch?  
Or is it no longer helpful?
(21:30:11) cron2: it got two ACKs, but if the new order does not need it, I'm a 
bit at a loss what to do
(21:30:23) lev__: DNS validation you mean?
(21:30:49) cron2: yes
(21:31:20) rozmansi: cron2: it is helpful. If you are not merging Domagoj's 
patch, I'll submit my own down the road. :)
(21:31:21) plaisthos: I can try to go through patchwork again and see what else 
is open
(21:31:24) dazo: cron2: I have a deadline tomorrow for a component of our 
OpenVPN Cloud service .... but plaisthos 2FA stuff needs to be resolved too ... 
I'll try to squeeze that in tomorrow after my deadline
(21:31:43) cron2: rozmansi: this is all I wanted to hear, so I'll merge that 
one tomorrow
(21:31:47) rozmansi: cron2: in other words - please do merge it. It has two 
acks, it is a general improvement
(21:31:54) cron2: all good :)
(21:32:21) lev__: rozmansi: so DNS validation still may fail even after we 
fixed order?
(21:32:22) cron2: (sometimes patches get ACKs, and then someone else rewrites 
large parts of the code and things are obsoleted before being merged - in that 
case I come asking)
(21:33:27) rozmansi: lev__: yes, exactly... fixing the order would just solve 
the dns validation for IPv6 when DNS servers pushed are directly inside the 
openvpn network being connected to.
(21:33:55) rozmansi: however, ipv6 already has DNS validation disabled. So, 
this commit was more or less aesthetics.
(21:35:42) lev__: dazo: plaisthos when would you have time to review 
(21:36:10) plaisthos: lev__: I cannot review it because I send it to the list
(21:36:25) lev__: that and msi are two biggest missing pieces
(21:38:45) rozmansi: lev__: https://dat.amebis.si/s/X7p247HD7j9mLJm
(21:38:48) vpnHelper: Title: Amebisov spletni datotečni strežnik (at 
(21:39:00) rozmansi: here is compiled MSI stuff
(21:39:51) lev__: rozmansi: do we now have separate x86 and x64 installers ?
(21:40:04) rozmansi: install using EXE installer (will pick 32 or 64-bit MSI 
embedded), or separate MSI packages for GPO deployment
(21:40:18) rozmansi: regular users => EXE, enterprise users => MSI
(21:40:32) mattock: rozmansi: shall I publish that link?
(21:40:44) mattock: or shall we wait until lev puts it on staging.openvpn.net?
(21:40:48) rozmansi: exe is 7-zip sfx, so it may be extracted to get the MSI 
packages. Technically, MSI packages does not need to be deployed separately.
(21:41:23) rozmansi: the server I send URL has pretty poor link. Do copy the 
content to staging.openvpn.net, please.
(21:41:27) plaisthos: the async compress patch from me is also missing acks iirc
(21:41:28) mattock: ok
(21:42:24) cron2: yes
(21:42:41) cron2: and a few older things might warrant a look for "pursue or 
(21:43:02) rozmansi: yeah, maybe don't even deploy MSI files to prevent 
confusion. EXE should do just fine. For IT admins needing MSI files, tell them 
to run openvpn-install.exe /extract (must lookup exact 7-z SFX flag for it)
(21:43:18) cron2: the two next weeks will be a bit crazy for me, because our 
kids' school is closed due to corona... so I can't get any "real" work done 
anyway, so will use time on OpenVPN :)
(21:43:29) mattock: rozmansi: +1
(21:43:46) rozmansi: cron2: +1 (school close down on monday)
(21:43:54) cron2: rozmansi: yay
(21:44:24) dazo: schools and kindergartens closes here as well, as from 
tomorrow .... luckily wife is a teacher and also gets time off :-P
(21:45:45) mattock: out here schools or kindergartens are not closing _yes_ but 
probably soon
(21:46:12) lev__: mattock: probably after sweden :)
(21:46:25) mattock: of course after Sweden, no need to even mention that
(21:46:27) mattock: :D
(21:46:44) mattock: (Finns don't do anything before Swedes do it first)
(21:46:53) mattock: not 100% accurate, but 90% probably :P
(21:47:22) mattock: anything else about 2.5? I guess the "go through tickets 
etc" is not yet started?
(21:47:54) lev__: so will dazo review client-connect?
(21:47:55) rozmansi: mattock: I hope that's not true for the "Swedish Cheef" 
(from Sesame Street) :)
(21:48:17) mattock: we don't have a Finnish Chef if you're implying that :D
(21:48:49) rozmansi: good to hear that :)
(21:49:57) dazo: lev__: I can give it a stab after plaisthos 2FA patches
(21:50:59) dazo: Isn't that from the Muppet Show?
(21:51:09) mattock: yep
(21:51:10) dazo: (the swedish chef, that is)
(21:51:17) mattock: technically not by swedes
(21:51:17) cron2: age showing
(21:51:29) mattock: that's probably why Finns don't have a "Finnish chef"
(21:51:43) dazo: hahaha
(21:52:15) mattock: seriously - are we good for today
(21:52:17) mattock: ?
(21:52:45) rozmansi: looks like
(21:52:47) cron2: yeah
(21:53:00) dazo: no, lets keep mattock up longer ... just because ... :-P
(21:53:33) mattock: we still have 7 minutes to waste if needed :D
(21:53:38) mattock: but yeah, I have the summary ready
(21:53:44) ***cron2 goes couching
(21:54:03) mattock: gut
(21:54:09) mattock: next meeting next wednesday then
(21:54:26) cron2: yes
(21:54:29) rozmansi: good night
(21:54:32) dazo: alrighty
(21:54:37) lev__: guten nacht

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