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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wed 18th March 2020
Time: 11:30 CET (12:30 UTC)

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cron2 and mattock participated in this meeting.


Mattock is on vacation this week so not much will happen at his end. He
will resume the MSI review/testing work next week.

Cron2 has done some patch merging but there is more to be done.

Agreed that the current Covid-19 situation which forces $kids to stay at
home is not optimal for productivity.


Full chatlog attached

(12:30:29) cron2: so
(12:30:32) cron2: good morning
(12:31:39) mattock: hello!
(12:33:24) cron2: so how's family life in .fi?
(12:33:44) cron2: .de is strange, but not too bad yet...
(12:37:10) mattock: everything is closed soon
(12:37:17) mattock: cabin fever is building up
(12:37:50) mattock: I mean, who would not love to spend 24/7 with one's $wife 
and $child(s)? :)
(12:37:52) cron2: $kid[1] is screaming at her mother right now... "something 
about correcting homeworks"... *sigh*
(12:38:33) mattock: maybe one hour walk every day would be a good practice
(12:38:41) cron2: now, if I had a) time (= no work to be done), and b) could 
actually go out and do something (museum, climbing gym, ...) I might enjoy 
having "no school for 5 weeks".  But mostly locked down...?
(12:38:57) mattock: yep
(12:39:43) mattock: anyone else here btw? dazo, plaisthos, lev, ordex, syzzer?
(12:39:58) mattock: oh, I probably forgot to mention, but I'm technically on 
vacation this week
(12:40:15) mattock: back to "normal" next week
(12:40:35) mattock: e.g. reviewing and testing rozmansi's MSI work
(12:41:04) cron2: indeed, lev__, rozmansi, dazo, plaisthos... *look around* 
*wave* *jump up and down*
(12:41:26) mattock: mentioned on #openvpn-devel
(12:43:25) mattock: seems silent
(12:43:37) mattock: shall we just skip this week and try again next week?
(12:44:19) cron2: you could do some reporting for the minutes ("I have not done 
anything, I had vacation! and kids!"), then I do some reporting ("I have not 
done much, some patches merged, more to do! kids!") and then we're done :-)
(12:44:48) mattock: ok, sounds good
(12:45:40) mattock: let's conclude the meeting, I'm already crafting the 
summary :)
(12:46:17) cron2: enjoy your vacation, with wife and kids all at home :-)
(12:46:21) cron2: (sorry)
(12:46:31) mattock: :D

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