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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Thu 26th March 2020
Time: 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC)

Planned meeting topics for this meeting were here:


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cron2, dazo, lev and mattock participated in this meeting.


Discussed OpenVPN 2.5 status.

There is now a status section for MSI-related work:


All openvpn patches except for 11/12 have been merged which is very good
progress. Work on openvpn-build (MSI packaging) and tap-windows6 (MSM)
can really start once all of the openvpn work is in:



Noted that the "client-connect: split multi_connection_established into
separate functions" patch has a merge conflict in multi.c that somebody
needs to look at:



Noted that while --auth-token and --auth-gen-token are one of the nicest
new features in 2.5, they do not work right if combined with
--explicit-exit-notify on the server. This has to be fixed. Gory details
are available in the full chatlog.


Noted that the combination of a username-only --auth-user-pass and
--management-query-passwords does not work. Dazo will take a stab at
fixing the actual problem. There is already a
GET_USER_PASS_PASSWORD_ONLY flag which just needs to be processed
correctly when the management interface is in action.

An attempt to document the limitation plus related discussion is here:


Further discussion of the issue is available here:



Noted that removal of --disable-server needs review:



Full chatlog attached
(20:57:36) mattock: drum roll
(20:58:26) lev__: guten aben
(20:59:34) cron2: meow
(20:59:35) dazo: Hey!
(21:00:26) mattock: hi!
(21:01:52) dazo: mattock: can you put on your "checklist" after meetings to 
update /topic?  we always forget to update it ....
(21:02:10) mattock: if somebody tells me how to do that
(21:02:14) mattock: I've never done it
(21:02:59) dazo: In (he)xchat it is just to modify the topic in the topic field 
and hit [enter]
(21:03:12) dazo: otherwise there is the /topic command
(21:03:34) mattock: ok, I'll check that out
(21:03:57) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2020-03-26
(21:04:17) mattock: https://patchwork.openvpn.net/patch/1045/ seems to be 
accepted already
(21:04:18) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel,v3] travis-ci: add arm64, s390x 
builds. - Patchwork (at patchwork.openvpn.net)
(21:04:46) mattock: shall we move on to missing pieces in 2.5?
(21:05:21) dazo: Good idea
(21:05:43) mattock: I have the MSI/MSM status tracking in here now: 
(21:05:50) cron2: I am mostly waiting to an 11/12 v2 from rozmansi, and a patch 
set from plaisthos...
(21:05:52) mattock: it seems that most of the openvpn patches are in
(21:05:58) mattock: not so earlier this week
(21:06:02) mattock: \o/
(21:06:05) cron2: lev has acked 01-10 + 12v2
(21:06:08) lev__: well, client connect isn't
(21:06:23) cron2: for MSM, most is in, for client-connect, waiting for the 
patch set
(21:06:48) mattock: once openvpn has all the pieces I think we can move to 
openvpn-build (MSI packaging) and tap-windows6 (MSM)
(21:08:52) mattock: the MSI PR in openvpn-build 
(https://github.com/OpenVPN/openvpn-build/pull/141) seems to have new commits 
to add the MSM stuff
(21:08:56) vpnHelper: Title: Windows MSI Packaging by rozmansi · Pull Request 
#141 · OpenVPN/openvpn-build · GitHub (at github.com)
(21:09:07) mattock: so I guess I just have to start experimenting with it once 
11/12 is in
(21:09:24) cron2: yes :)
(21:09:57) mattock: besides this MSI stuff: anything else in 2.5 that needs 
(21:10:20) cron2: there's patches from plaisthos related to auth-gen-token
(21:10:27) cron2: which want a review :)
(21:11:31) dazo: It is still on my todo list ... I will try once again to dig 
it up once again ... I'm so sorry for these things falling through the cracks 
so often
(21:12:16) lev__: client-connect doesn't apply on latest master
(21:12:38) dazo: lev__: did you have a look on how complicated the conflict is?
(21:12:51) dazo: (using patch -p1 instead of git apply/am)
(21:13:15) lev__: no, I didn't
(21:13:24) lev__: something in multi.c
(21:18:02) dazo: lev__: do you have the patchwork link for it?  We should link 
to it on our status page
(21:18:56) cron2: 
(21:18:57) vpnHelper: Title: OpenVPN 2 - Patchwork (at patchwork.openvpn.net)
(21:19:01) dazo: thx!
(21:19:03) cron2: :-P
(21:19:07) cron2: argh
(21:19:09) lev__: https://patchwork.openvpn.net/patch/612/
(21:19:11) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel,v4,01/13] client-connect: Split 
multi_connection_established into separate functions - Patchwork (at 
(21:19:27) ***cron2 has spent too much time staring at things related to 
--auth-token, auth_user_pass, up->... today
(21:19:48) cron2: and subtle interactions between auth-nocache, encrypted 
profiles, and magic OCC strings
(21:24:00) cron2: auth-token handling in git master is still very fragile on 
the client side
(21:24:11) cron2: so I think this should go to the "must fix" list for 2.5
(21:24:44) cron2: in combination with explicit-exit-notify and/or auth-nocache, 
the most interesting things happen
(21:24:49) dazo: I see plaisthos posted a 3 more patches ... so those needs to 
get in on top of the current patch set as well?
(21:25:15) cron2: plaisthos' patches are "server side mishandling things" (so 
the expiry time of tokes is not honoured after a server restart)
(21:25:17) dazo: explicit-exit-notify sounds like server not clearing the 
session in time
(21:25:20) cron2: plus documentation
(21:25:44) cron2: nah, when the server is restarted *and* explicit-exit-notify 
is sent, the client purges auth_user_pass, resetting up->defined, and will then 
never accept a new token again
(21:26:03) cron2: incoming tokens end up being ignored, so it resends the last 
token it has, and that one expires after 2*renec-sec
(21:26:30) cron2: if you send RESTART,[P] it won't purge, unless you have 
auth-nocache, in which case it *will*
(21:26:39) dazo: ahh, server side sending explicit-exit-notify ... okay, that's 
a different can of worms indeed .... I don't think that has ever been 
extensively tested, though
(21:26:47) cron2: (and there is no way to make the server send RESTART,[P] 
(21:27:09) cron2: I love that option, because then you can have the clients 
reconnect right away on server restart, instead of having to wait for a timeout
(21:27:33) dazo: Yeah, it sounds useful ... unless you have too many clients 
reconnecting at the same time
(21:28:04) cron2: but the interactions with --auth-token and --auth-nocache are 
(21:28:25) cron2: yeah, if you have 1000s of clients, you may want to push them 
to the next server (explicit-exit-notify 2)
(21:28:40) dazo: yeah, I remember fighting with that before plaisthos started 
his quest to improve things
(21:29:11) cron2: which will purge the token, but things are still broken 
because it will not use your password but the last token for authentication...
(21:29:29) dazo: that's clearly wrong
(21:29:56) dazo: but with auth-nocache, the client should also ask for a new 
authentication interaction with the user
(21:30:22) dazo: (because it shouldn't have cached any credentials after the 
first successful auth)
(21:30:57) cron2: the flow of things is subtle and very magic... some bits get 
reset that shouldn't, others do not get reset that should...
(21:32:27) dazo: yeah ... lets get plaisthos patches in first, and lets see 
where that leads us next
(21:32:35) cron2: indeed :)
(21:33:22) dazo: This evening (night?) I need to investigate an important AS 
issue ... and if that's done, I will allocate tomorrow for those patches again
(21:34:29) mattock: can somebody summarize this in one line? :D
(21:35:02) cron2: --auth-token and --auth-gen-token are one of the nicest new 
features in 2.5, but they do not work right if combined with 
--explicit-exit-notify on the server
(21:35:20) dazo: ^^^ that :)
(21:35:20) mattock: thank you :)
(21:36:07) mattock: anything else?
(21:36:26) dazo: Not for this particular issue :-P
(21:37:16) cron2: you two (mattock, dazo) need to agree on 
(21:37:17) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel] Document some limitations of 
--auth-user-pass - Patchwork (at patchwork.openvpn.net)
(21:39:56) dazo: There are multiple issues here ... documentation and ugly 
behaviour in some cases.  I believe it works correctly on all platforms but 
(21:40:28) mattock: I opened another can of worms it seems
(21:40:47) cron2: sure, you mentioned "openvpn", "documentation" and "windows" 
in a single e-mail :)
(21:41:02) mattock: :)
(21:41:14) dazo: Windows (for some reason, if I undestood Selva correctly) have 
not really supported --auth-user-pass files as it does on other platforms
(21:41:22) dazo: :-D
(21:41:40) mattock: windows does support them, but just not this particular 
(21:41:47) mattock: :P
(21:42:04) dazo: the "only username" in the file case?
(21:42:07) cron2: yes
(21:42:14) dazo: Right, then we're on the same page :)
(21:42:36) cron2: I assume that other platforms have the same issue if the 
management interface is used
(21:43:15) cron2: because that seems to be the underlying issue - "user is 
known, password query" seems to be something that got hacked in later without 
taking care of management... plaisthos should be able to answer that, but he 
(21:43:21) dazo: Hmmm ... good question, I presumed not ... but I see there is 
potential for breakage there too
(21:43:52) cron2: now, since the "inline auth-user-pass with only user" patch 
was never merged (I think?) this is less relevant on IOS and Android... :)
(21:44:46) dazo: I don't recall merging inline auth-user-pass .... I'm not sure 
I really like that feature
(21:45:52) cron2: I think we got agreement on it, but it was nerver rebased, 
and andj never refreshed it... something like that
(21:46:02) ***cron2 likes it better than lumping around external files
(21:47:12) dazo: I think this is a case for the management interface ... but 
accept the argument it's awful to write a script doing tcp sockets is ugly and 
easily fragile :)
(21:48:12) dazo: (this way the creds could be stored more securely than in a 
file .... but lets not walk down that path now)
(21:48:19) cron2: and not exactly helping the use case of "inline 
auth-user-pass" (having a config with all you need in a single place, which can 
be used for unattended communication)
(21:48:52) cron2: you still need to store the creds somewhere...  like our 
community VPN - this is not "super high secure", but it needs to come back on 
buildslave reboots, without manual intervention
(21:49:08) dazo: For unattended communication, the server side could just 
ignore username/password for specific cert CNs
(21:49:27) cron2: tell that to mattock :-) - he's using the same cert for all, 
and individual LDAP users
(21:49:50) mattock: yes, that is what I do, and I do it proudly
(21:50:06) dazo: *this* is actually an AS feature :-)
(21:50:56) mattock: can we agree on "fix" or "modify my proposed documentation"?
(21:51:03) mattock: I believe we have decided on "document" already
(21:51:08) mattock: in Trento probably
(21:51:33) cron2: document, unless fixing on the management interface is easy
(21:51:47) mattock: will somebody check if fixing the management is easy?
(21:52:11) mattock: and if not, go with my documentation patch (I believe it is 
(21:52:32) dazo: there is a flag GET_USER_PASS_PASSWORD_ONLY ... which "just" 
needs to be processed correctly when the management interface is in action
(21:53:02) mattock: I think we have a volunteer here :D
(21:53:36) dazo: well, I've been down this path a few times earlier ... I can 
surely poke at it again, after the auth-token stuff
(21:53:56) cron2: hehe, I was about to say that "you've been there, and we had 
long and heated discussions" :)
(21:54:17) dazo: make my blood boil and see what will happen :-P
(21:54:31) mattock: :P
(21:54:58) dazo: [digression] btw ... I did also send a patch to the ML 
removing client-only mode in ./configure 
(21:55:16) cron2: yes, it's in patchwork, and nobody has complained so far :)
(21:55:35) dazo: https://patchwork.openvpn.net/patch/1019/ 
(21:55:37) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel] build: Remove --disable-server 
from ./configure - Patchwork (at patchwork.openvpn.net)
(21:56:13) dazo: good, it has not gone completely into /dev/null yet :-P
(21:58:14) mattock: two minutes left
(22:00:14) dazo: seems nobody had much more to say :)
(22:00:23) ***cron2 is tired
(22:00:35) cron2: too much family, and too much openvpn inards today
(22:01:03) ***dazo started his working day 1 hour ago .... too much family :-P
(22:01:05) mattock: let's call this a day
(22:01:14) cron2: good night :-)
(22:01:20) mattock: I started mine at around 6:30 AM 
(22:01:24) mattock: so I'm a bit tired
(22:01:29) mattock: good night! :)
(22:01:43) cron2: yeah, I started at 7 am, because kids do not get up before 8, 
so I have *one full hour* of undisturbed work
(22:02:26) mattock: the situation is grave indeed
(22:02:35) dazo: cron2: 
(22:03:03) mattock: :)

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