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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Thu 9th April 2020
Time: 20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC)

Planned meeting topics for this meeting were here:


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krzee, lev and mattock participated in this meeting.


Talked about having mod_cloudflare installed on Trac and Phpbb. This
would affect logging and not do any man in the middle stuff:


Nobody was opposed to this, but many key people were missing so no
decision could be reached.


Talked about OpenVPN 2.5 MSI work. The OpenVPN patches are now all in,
so it is possible to (more easily) move to testing the MSI packaging,
see bottom of this page:


The last time mattock touched MSI he created a vagrantied build


It has not been touched in a while so testing is needed to see if it
still works.

Mattock and lev will have a session next week about Vagrant and this
environment in particular, so that lev can also participate in the MSI work.


Discussed the option of having OpenVPN 2.5 packages in the same apt
repository as OpenVPN 3 packages. Nobody was against this.


Talked about "python3-openvpn-connector-setup". It was originally
designed for an OpenVPN Inc product, but it is fairly general purpose
tool which other projects and people could use.

What it does is for setup a connector - essentially an OpenVPN 3 client
- which could be a VPN traffic exit node or, for example, used for
sharing an AWS VPC. It was agreed that it makes sense to have such code
open source. This is the case today, but the code has not been
officially released except in the form of an Debian package as far as we

Dazo could fill in the blanks here, including giving URLs to any Git
repositories there might be.


Full chatlog attached

(20:56:37) mattock: almost meeting time
(20:56:49) krzee: \o/
(20:59:41) lev__: guten aben
(21:00:44) mattock: guten abend herr lev
(21:01:23) lev__: gutt gutt
(21:01:50) krzee: hyavaa illta
(21:02:02) mattock: hyvää iltaa!
(21:02:15) mattock: I guess we can have this meeting in Finnish
(21:02:21) krzee: :D
(21:02:32) lev__: joo, anna mennä vaan
(21:02:33) mattock: krzee knows several words
(21:02:36) mattock: tehdään niin
(21:02:42) krzee: perkele!
(21:02:48) mattock: aamen!
(21:03:10) mattock: poronkusema is another one he knows
(21:03:14) mattock: very useful
(21:03:24) krzee: that is the best word ever btw
(21:03:56) mattock: btw. "best" is probably the only word in english that is 
pronounced as it is written
(21:04:05) mattock: just occurred to me
(21:04:24) mattock: well, "is" is another :D
(21:04:33) krzee: and "well"
(21:04:40) mattock: +1
(21:05:14) mattock: seriously - do we have any other participants?
(21:05:15) krzee: english will throw a few softballs and then come with the 
"tough" curveball out of nowhere
(21:06:11) mattock: inglish will throu a fjuu softbools änd then kam with tö 
"taf" köörvbool aut of noveer?
(21:06:44) krzee: "tuf"
(21:06:50) krzee: haha
(21:07:16) mattock: ok maybe we can try to have a meeting of sorts
(21:07:21) mattock: if somebody joins that's good
(21:07:24) mattock: so I have one topic
(21:08:04) mattock: we (the ops team at openvpn) would like to install 
mod_cloudflare on Trac and forums - that would allow blocking DDoS attacks more 
(21:08:24) mattock: all it does it affect the logging format - there is no MITM 
stuff going on there
(21:08:43) krzee: prolly no fair if the only people here to talk about it is 
you me and lev :D
(21:08:58) mattock: well it will end up in meeting minutes so people can 
(21:09:00) mattock: :)
(21:09:11) krzee: nice
(21:09:24) mattock: lev: anything on 2.5?
(21:12:24) mattock: I don't have any updates on my part there
(21:12:30) lev__: well, msi-installer related code has been merged to openvpn 
(21:12:36) mattock: good!
(21:12:47) mattock: I will need to find time to start the MSI build tests again
(21:13:03) lev__: so we could srart testing openvpn-build msi branch
(21:13:10) mattock: yeah, we should definitely do that
(21:13:22) mattock: I have a Vagrant VM in a feature branch of openvpn-vagrant 
which can be used
(21:13:28) mattock: getting link
(21:14:06) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/StatusOfOpenvpn25
(21:14:09) mattock: at the bottom
(21:14:18) mattock: https://github.com/OpenVPN/openvpn-vagrant/pull/7
(21:14:19) vpnHelper: Title: Add MSI build support by mattock · Pull Request #7 
· OpenVPN/openvpn-vagrant · GitHub (at github.com)
(21:14:29) mattock: that's what I used the "last time" for testing MSI building
(21:15:30) mattock: basically when one runs "vagrant up msibuilder" the result 
should be a fully configured MSI builder Windows instance
(21:15:49) mattock: untested in recent months, so it might not work
(21:16:53) mattock: the build process requires two steps:
(21:16:53) mattock: - build with openvpn-build (VM: openvpn-build-bionic)
(21:16:53) mattock: - package to MSI (VM: msibuilder)
(21:17:08) mattock: need to pick that up again
(21:17:22) mattock: lev: if you want to play with MSI as well just let me know 
and I'll help
(21:20:48) lev__: do we have a build system which produces those MSI packages
(21:21:00) mattock: only in Vagrant, see my comments above
(21:21:06) mattock: do you use Vagrant?
(21:21:14) lev__: hm, no (not yet)
(21:21:31) mattock: want to try? we could have a session some of these days
(21:21:43) mattock: I use it heavily
(21:21:48) mattock: very useful
(21:21:59) mattock: thoughts?
(21:22:24) lev__: yeah that makes sense
(21:22:32) mattock: any preferences when?
(21:22:41) lev__: not today :)
(21:22:55) mattock: I could do tomorrow morning for example, but I'm not in a 
(21:23:40) lev__: I have some (more or less) urgent corp stuff for tomorrow, so 
lets move it to next week
(21:24:14) mattock: ok sounds good
(21:24:57) mattock: generally I'm able to work between 9:00-12:30 EEST on 
weekdays, then it becomes more sporadic for the rest of the day (child running 
around the house)
(21:25:45) mattock: krzee: one thing that came to mind: the apt repositories we 
discussed in the ops meeting - I did not manage to speak up, but should 
consider consolidating both openvpn 2.5 and openvpn 3 packages in the same repo
(21:25:49) mattock: in my opinion
(21:25:58) mattock: thoughts?
(21:26:17) krzee: im not against that, what do you think about 
(21:26:38) mattock: I don't understand what it is, so I have no opinion :D
(21:27:16) krzee: its a pgmt usecase where the user wants to setup a connector 
which could be an exit node or maybe a client for sharing the VPC
(21:27:25) krzee: it'll setup the node all the way
(21:27:43) krzee: i think give it some token from your pgmt stuff and it'll 
even configure the vpn for you
(21:28:10) mattock: as this is not really community-related I'd discuss the 
details elsewhere :)
(21:28:11) krzee: it'll be USED by pgmt users, but itself its open source and 
could contain code that other projects may want to use
(21:28:15) mattock: ah
(21:28:17) mattock: I see the connection
(21:28:51) mattock: well, if it is reusable then I don't see a reason why we 
should keep it private
(21:29:18) mattock: does it contain open source code from somewhere else?
(21:29:23) krzee: which is why its now on a community repo, (swupdate)
(21:29:23) krzee: or well im getting it there
(21:29:23) krzee: (dazo said to put it there)
(21:29:23) krzee: also, it depends on openvpn3
(21:29:28) krzee: i would not know
(21:29:30) mattock: like GPLv2 licensed stuff that "makes" it automatically 
open source
(21:29:39) krzee: oh ya its gpl for sure
(21:29:43) krzee: dazo said that
(21:29:53) krzee: but i dont think its because of deps
(21:30:05) mattock: I'm all for open sourcing everything that does not need to 
be proprietary
(21:30:13) krzee: itself its nothing proprietary
(21:30:20) mattock: ok
(21:30:21) krzee: the mesh it helps you use it where our value is
(21:30:34) krzee: is where*
(21:31:01) krzee: (this is what ive been told, and i tend to agree)
(21:31:11) mattock: so basically it is a tool for setting up certain types of 
openvpn 3 clients, right?
(21:31:20) mattock: for specific use-cases
(21:31:28) krzee: i believe it even sets up the aws node
(21:31:32) krzee: configures it
(21:31:35) mattock: ah ok
(21:31:36) krzee: sets up the vpn
(21:31:40) krzee: vonfigures VPC
(21:31:43) krzee: configures*
(21:32:07) mattock: ok
(21:32:25) mattock: is the code "out there" already?
(21:32:34) krzee: this is first release
(21:32:40) mattock: no public git repos?
(21:32:45) krzee: swupdate
(21:32:50) krzee: oh git, not that i know of
(21:32:53) mattock: ok
(21:32:54) krzee: but i wouldnt know
(21:32:57) krzee: dazo may have one
(21:33:42) mattock: ok, I'm onboard
(21:33:44) krzee: all i *really* know about this is im putting it in a repo, 
the stuff ive answered with i probably know the least about out of anybody who 
could possibly answer :D
(21:33:56) mattock: :)
(21:34:08) krzee: but i think ive answered correct
(21:34:32) mattock: your explanation does sound plausible
(21:34:47) mattock: I'll note this in the meeting minutes so dazo can give the 
most correct answer
(21:35:05) mattock: I don't have anything else for today - anything from you 
(21:35:13) mattock: or shall we call this a day?
(21:35:23) mattock: or for those not in EEST timezone, call it a meeting
(21:35:25) mattock: :)
(21:35:47) krzee: haha ya ill call it a midday
(21:36:23) krzee: back to "why the F doesnt apt see this package when curl 
shows its in packages and the file from packages exists too
(21:36:26) krzee: haha
(21:36:32) krzee: g'nite guys
(21:38:07) mattock: good midday and night!
(21:38:12) mattock: talk to both of you later!
(21:40:33) wiscii [~tct@unaffiliated/slypknot] è entrato nella stanza.
(21:41:31) ***wiscii is too late
(21:46:23) mattock: yup, summary is almost out

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