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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wed 15th April 2020
Time: 11:30 CEST (09:30 UTC)

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cron2, lev, mattock, ordex and plaisthos participated in this meeting.


Talked about the WolfSSL patches. Agreed that they're much less invasive
and hence more acceptable now than previously. Some changes were
requested earlier and we're waiting for WolfSSL's response.


Talked about the upcoming OpenVPN 2.4.9 release. It will include an
important security fix and a few other things we wish to get in:

- NCP async fix from lev
- two patches from Selva
- the ecliptic curve patch (1/3)

Agreed that we should have a CVE for the security issue. Dazo had
promised to resurface at 14:00 CEST today, which means he can probably
handle the CVE generation as usual.

Our goal is to release 2.4.9 tomorrow, if possible.


Mattock will check if it would be possible to give unique identifiers to
Windows 7 and Windows 10 flavors of tap-windows6. This would prevent
situations where an existing, cached Windows 7 driver is preferred over
a Windows 10 (attestation signed) version, hence causing driver
installation failures.

Mattock will also check if we could, with a reasonable effort, provide
users with an easy way to clean up old tap-windows6 drivers in the NSIS
installer. The process is already known and can be done with external
scripts, but integration / reimplementation in NSIS is missing.

These changes would be nice to have in 2.4.9-I601, but we can postpone
them to another Windows installer release if needed.


Full chatlog attached
(12:31:17) mattock: meeting time
(12:31:21) cron2: hooray
(12:31:25) lev__: hello
(12:31:54) mattock: hi guys!
(12:32:27) plaisthos: hey!
(12:34:27) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2020-04-15
(12:34:51) plaisthos: Okay I will just start with one topic, the quality of the 
WolfSSL patch approaches a level that might consider it for inclusion
(12:35:36) plaisthos: but I would put a note there that it is in the not 
actively supported by the community project and bugs/problem with it that 
cannot replicated with OpenSSL need to be reported to WolfSSL
(12:35:40) ordex: hi
(12:35:46) plaisthos: hey ordex 
(12:36:18) ordex: well, issues will be reported to our mailing list in any case
(12:36:33) ordex: we just have to ensure that wolfssl will stick to the list
(12:37:05) cron2: I am fine with merging the patch, as it has nearly no code 
changes anymore, just pushing autoconf towards "yes, this function is there, 
even if it's a macro and you can't see it"
(12:37:32) ordex: yup
(12:37:35) ordex: much better
(12:37:36) cron2: and yes, documentation needs to be clear "this is not 
something we test, so if there are problems, talk to WolfSSL"
(12:38:24) ordex: can't the cryptoapi check be performed at configure time ?
(12:38:29) ordex: why an #error in the code ?
(12:39:38) cron2: ENABLE_CRYPTOAPI is not coming "from configure" but from 
(12:39:44) plaisthos: it basically breaks the build on win32
(12:39:48) cron2: but I think the #error is more an extra saveguard, because
(12:39:53) cron2: #if defined(_WIN32) && defined(ENABLE_CRYPTO) && 
(12:39:56) cron2: #define ENABLE_CRYPTOAPI
(12:39:59) cron2: #endif
(12:39:59) cron2: oh
(12:40:06) ordex: ah, so it's a windows thing only
(12:40:21) plaisthos: yeah cryptoapi is the windows key sotre
(12:40:23) ordex: but it needs ENABLE_CRYPTO_OPENSSL
(12:40:30) ordex: which on't be the case with WOLFSSL, no ?
(12:40:48) cron2: mmmh, now if WolfSSL enables ENABLE_CRYPTO_OPENSSL, which I 
think it needs to do (otherwise, we won't compile the openssl stuff...), it 
will break windows builds
(12:40:51) plaisthos: ah yes
(12:41:12) ordex: ah
(12:41:19) cron2: ssl_openssl.c is guarded by "#if defined(ENABLE_CRYPTO) && 
(12:41:26) cron2: and WolfSSL provides "openssl compat" headers + API
(12:41:45) plaisthos: yeah basically wolfssl is not working on win32
(12:41:51) ordex: yeah
(12:41:56) plaisthos: something that I can live with
(12:41:58) cron2: I think that #error is not good.  They should adjust 
syshead.h instead, and have an extra WolfSSL check there
(12:42:03) ordex: right
(12:42:15) ordex: like: #if defined(_WIN32) && defined(ENABLE_CRYPTO) && 
(12:42:17) ordex: no ?
(12:42:20) plaisthos: cron2: I think the cryptoapi stuff might be called in 
more places
(12:42:37) plaisthos: that might have the wrong ifdef or so
(12:42:38) cron2: plaisthos: it should all be wrapped with ENABLE_CRYPTOAPI
(12:42:51) cron2: so if we just not define it ("like when building with 
(12:43:05) plaisthos: but I don't really care. If they do not care about win32 
support, we should not fix it for them
(12:43:19) plaisthos: cron2: might have something like if (ossl) in a larger 
win32 block
(12:43:47) ordex: but the problem is only about cryptoapi - not windows in 
(12:44:00) ordex: they just have to avoid defining cryptoapi if wolfssl is 
used, no 
(12:44:01) ordex: ?
(12:44:07) cron2: plaisthos: well, I'd consider this a bug on our side... if we 
call cryptoapi stuff outside an ENABLE_CRYPTOAPI block, our code is buggy
(12:44:22) ordex: agreed
(12:45:54) plaisthos: cron2: yes it is a bug on our side 
(12:46:25) plaisthos: but I just wanted to express that we should just not 
invest time now in it if there is no strong need fror it
(12:46:39) cron2: right
(12:47:24) plaisthos: I can prepare a text for README.wolfssl 
(12:47:38) plaisthos: and post it first here/#openvpn-devel and then later on 
the mailing list
(12:49:22) cron2: yep
(12:49:37) mattock: +1
(12:50:38) cron2: so - wolfssl covered?
(12:50:48) cron2: (I have sent my concerns about that #error back to the list 
(12:51:09) ordex: sounds good
(12:51:14) plaisthos: and I asked why it needs an OpenSSL 1.0.1d workaround :P
(12:51:21) cron2: yep
(12:51:35) cron2: patchwork set to "changes requested"
(12:51:56) plaisthos: +1
(12:52:08) ordex: goood
(12:52:24) ordex: the 1.0.1d workaround sounds like something they could fix in 
their compat thing anyway :-P
(12:52:30) ordex: just trying to push the complexity elsewhere hehe
(12:52:53) cron2: or leftover from previous versions
(12:53:00) plaisthos: also it feels that would break in other project that try 
to use it without the workaround
(12:53:28) plaisthos: also we probably will get rid of all the < 1.0.2 stuff 
once RHEL6 reaches EOL
(12:53:49) cron2: amazeballs
(12:54:21) ordex: hehe
(12:54:50) plaisthos: which is nov this year
(12:54:57) plaisthos: so we might drop that in master soon
(12:55:53) ***ordex likes
(12:56:35) plaisthos: so 2.4.9 release 
(12:56:36) ***cron2 sees an ACK and likes that :)
(12:56:45) cron2: yes.
(12:56:49) cron2: can one of you reach dazo?
(12:57:20) cron2: m-a thinks we should have a CVE for that bug... I'm unsure, 
but in any case we'd need dazo to get one
(12:57:21) plaisthos: yeah he got stuck with kids!
(12:57:30) cron2: how could that happen
(12:57:47) cron2: anyway
(12:58:10) lev__: cron2: you mean float bug?
(12:58:14) cron2: mattock: we want a 2.4.x release soon, because the bug in 
floating warrants a "soon!" release, and there is other good stuff in 2.4 that 
we want out
(12:58:17) cron2: lev__: yes
(12:58:21) mattock: yes
(12:58:42) mattock: is all the "other good stuff" already in?
(12:58:45) plaisthos: I think we should include the  Fix OpenSSL 1.1.1 not 
using auto ecliptic curve selection also in 2.4.9
(12:58:57) cron2: on my list is the NCP async fix from lev plus two patches 
from Selva that he wants in 2.4, plus the ecliptic curve patch
(12:59:12) cron2: plaisthos: only 1/3 (the #ifdef jungle) or the whole patch 
(12:59:14) plaisthos: the tls-group stuff is no important because it is only 
required for exotic curves 
(12:59:22) cron2: okay, only 1/3 is it, then
(12:59:51) plaisthos: tls-group is kinda required if you do not use one of 5 
standard curves 
(13:00:47) ordex: should tls-group be just master material ?
(13:00:50) ordex: while 1/3 also for 2.4 ?
(13:00:51) mattock: if all the stuff is in by tomorrow morning my time I can do 
the release tomorrow - otherwise it might have to be postponed to monday 
(friday is fragmented)
(13:01:17) plaisthos: the question is basically how much do you care for people 
with OpenSSL 1.1.1 and exotic curves
(13:01:33) cron2: mattock: okay.  This is a clear mandate to me :)
(13:01:49) ordex: well, the question is: is it a feature? or are we fixing 
something that right now breaks? to me it sound slike we are supporting new 
(13:02:02) plaisthos: both actually
(13:02:07) ordex: exotic curves? not supported yet
(13:02:42) ordex: hmm something is broken/buggy right now ?
(13:03:35) plaisthos: with openssl 1.0.2/mbedtls exotic curves work since it 
only used when you use a certificate with that curve 
(13:03:51) plaisthos: with tls 1.3 ec is also used in ecdh with rsa certificate
(13:03:56) plaisthos: so it got decoupled
(13:04:25) plaisthos: so you know have a list of curves/groups that are 
supported and if your cert curve is not in that list, your connection does not 
(13:04:51) plaisthos: e.g. if you have a brainpool curve cert, it will work 
with OpenVPN/OpenSSL 1.0.2 or OpenVPN/mbedTLS
(13:05:12) plaisthos: but if you use OpenSSL 1.1.1, you need to override 
tls-groups to include brainpool
(13:05:32) cron2: shouldn't the "/* OpenSSL 1.1.0 and newer have always ecdh 
auto loading enabled," comment be *after* the #endif, matching the "return" 
(13:05:36) ordex: yeah, still sounds like an unsupported setup
(13:06:40) plaisthos: cron2: I put it in the ifdef, so it gets removed when we 
remove the ifdef for older version
(13:07:19) ordex: or maybe it should go on top of the ifdef <1.1.0 ?
(13:07:28) ordex: to explain why that if is needed ?
(13:07:38) plaisthos: yeah it is quite exotic and I don't think we need to 
force it into this release
(13:07:46) ordex: yap
(13:08:58) cron2: the code flow in that function hurts my brain
(13:09:12) ordex: yeah
(13:09:15) ordex: it's a jungle ..
(13:09:20) ordex: but I'd leave the re-style for later
(13:09:26) plaisthos: yeah syzzer and I did not catch this when we reviewed 
that patch 
(13:10:18) cron2: especially since the code does "more things after the #if 
jungle, but only if older openssl, which is not obvious due to the returns out 
of the #if block
(13:10:32) cron2: and only for non-default curves
(13:10:36) ordex: yeah
(13:10:48) ***cron2 gets some booze and just merges this
(13:10:51) ordex: I'd love to see the entire thing refactored
(13:10:52) plaisthos: or does more things if you have tls-ecdh-curve sets
(13:10:56) ordex: but not in release/2.4
(13:11:29) plaisthos: my tls-group patch actually discourages from using 
(13:12:05) plaisthos: since the first group is actually the preferred ecdh curve
(13:13:59) ordex: the code is still a jungle :p
(13:14:00) ordex: hehe
(13:14:40) mattock: done with 2.4.9?
(13:14:48) mattock: we have 15 (full) minutes
(13:14:58) mattock: "release tomorrow" is the goal
(13:15:06) ordex: do we need the CVE before releasing ?
(13:15:26) plaisthos: hm
(13:15:30) cron2: it should go to the announcement and commit, so, yes
(13:15:44) cron2: if CVE at all
(13:16:23) mattock: I thought I saw dazo here but no
(13:16:30) cron2: so, any *other* patches we want in 2.4 that have not yet been 
(13:16:52) plaisthos: auth-token is only 2.5, right?
(13:17:22) cron2: the server side is 2.5
(13:17:25) plaisthos: lev__: your async push with ncp, is that 2.4 or 2.5 only?
(13:17:30) lev__: both
(13:17:42) cron2: that is both, and on my list already ("a review would be 
(13:18:37) plaisthos: I will review it later then
(13:18:59) mattock: can we make dazo create a CVE today?
(13:19:09) lev__: plaisthos: se the last comment 
(13:19:13) lev__: *see
(13:19:26) cron2: mattock: dunno, haven't seen anything from him in the last 
two weeks :(
(13:20:18) plaisthos: he was on vacation the last two weeks :D
(13:20:56) mattock: what shall we do if he remains hidden?
(13:21:15) mattock: definitely not postpone the release
(13:21:39) ordex: he should be online in the afternoon after 2pm
(13:21:44) cron2: he was using a contact at RedHat, if I remember right, to get 
the CVE number.  Maybe we can go via OSTIF / Derek?
(13:21:44) ordex: we can poke him and see what he says
(13:21:45) lev__: he promised to appear at 14.00 CET
(13:21:50) cron2: good enough
(13:22:01) mattock: Derek has been missing for ~2 months
(13:22:04) ordex: CEST !! we are in summer now
(13:22:07) cron2: ewww
(13:22:30) mattock: but if dazo resurfaces at 14:00 CEST then we should be ok
(13:22:38) ordex: yap
(13:22:39) lev__: ordex: it is snowing here right now
(13:22:45) ordex: let's reconvene later then
(13:22:50) mattock: it was snowing here yesterday and the day before
(13:22:50) ordex: lev__: that's your problem!!
(13:22:51) ordex: hehe
(13:22:55) ordex: lol
(13:23:00) mattock: now the sun is shining beautifully
(13:23:04) mattock: anyhow
(13:23:10) ordex: :)
(13:23:12) mattock: shall we conclude the meeting or do we have something else?
(13:23:37) ordex: I don't have anything
(13:23:42) cron2: 2.5?
(13:23:47) cron2: MSI?
(13:23:55) cron2: ah, yes
(13:24:07) lev__: yeah we need to start testing MSI installer
(13:24:10) mattock: no progress on MSI front, don't want to just poke it but 
fully focus on it
(13:24:11) cron2: mattock: what shall we do with the TAP driver complications 
for 2.4.9?
(13:24:16) mattock: lev and I agreed to start looking into it
(13:24:27) cron2: so, NSIS installer and tap stuff
(13:24:29) mattock: you mean the certificate warning on Windows 7?
(13:24:43) cron2: no, the install failure on win10 if that machine has seen a 
win7 driver before
(13:24:47) mattock: ah that one
(13:24:55) mattock: hmm
(13:25:04) mattock: can't recall what the plan was exactly
(13:25:09) plaisthos: it actually snowed here monday morning briefly
(13:25:17) cron2: mattock: "unique identifiers" was one of the options
(13:25:39) mattock: I need to dig up the plan/discussion to understand if this 
is a trivial thing to do, or something that takes time
(13:25:47) cron2: please :)
(13:26:04) mattock: my hunch is "non-trivial", but we'll see
(13:26:24) cron2: but we need a solution there (... which could come as a I602 
re-spin, but nevertheless)
(13:26:42) mattock: yep, no need to force-feed it in first 2.4.9 release
(13:26:48) mattock: if time is scarse
(13:26:53) mattock: anyhow
(13:26:55) cron2: the second thing was "can we have a '[X] remove all 
remainders of existing tap drivers' checkbox" in the installer, to do the 
(13:27:09) cron2: (off-by-default, just for people that have installation pains)
(13:28:15) mattock: it might be enough to just document this well enough - I 
don't think we will be able to catch the error in the installer to provide any 
meaningful error message
(13:28:55) mattock: which means people will need to figure out what the problem 
is, and we should make that figuring out as easy as possible (e.g. 
INSTALL-win32.txt, Wiki, etc)
(13:29:09) cron2: I do not want meaningful error messages, I just want 
installers that succeed
(13:29:18) mattock: easier said than done
(13:29:39) mattock: we'd need to catch the error or somehow figure out the 
issue before running the installer
(13:29:44) mattock: anyhow
(13:29:48) mattock: I'll take a look
(13:29:52) cron2: so said checkbox would be a kludge for "more force is 
required" - you do have all the tools today to remove tap drivers from the 
system, we just do not give users an ways way to enable them
(13:30:00) cron2: so, the strategy is twofold
(13:30:22) cron2:  - reference the win10 driver with a difference unique 
identifier than the win7 driver, so we get what we ask for, not "what windows 
think there is already installed"
(13:30:35) mattock: well yeah now it comes back to me
(13:30:46) cron2:  - provide an easy way to clean up the tap install, without 
having to download extra scripts and instructions
(13:31:00) cron2: ("if it fails with a weird tap driver error, try 
re-installing with that checkbox enabled")
(13:32:07) mattock: I don't look forward to doing the latter in NSIS
(13:32:15) mattock: but I will check how much pain it would be
(13:32:22) cron2: appreciated :)
(13:32:25) mattock: anyhow, overtime and need to go get some lunch
(13:32:27) cron2: and with that, our time is over
(13:32:28) cron2: enjoy
(13:32:33) mattock: thanks!

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