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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wed 29th April 2020
Time: 11:30 CEST (09:30 UTC)

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cron2, lev, mattock, ordex and plaisthos participated in this meeting.


Talked about broken IPv6 connectivity to community.openvpn.net. This is
caused by Cloudflare, where IPv6 is turned off, apparently for the whole
openvpn.net domain. It apparently can't be selectively turned on for
just community.openvpn.net.

Mattock and plaisthos will try to convince the ops team to turn on IPv6
across the board, or otherwise resolve this issue.


Noted that right now it is still possible to amend the coding style for
the future. Nobody had any strong opinions on it.


Ordex sent the "ipv6-only" patch to OpenVPN Inc's QA team for testing.
This will pave the way for approval. Ordex will check the end of this
week to see what progress QA has made.


Mattock will try to reach the person who is responsible for corporate
(e.g. OpenVPN Connect) MSI packaging and recruit him/her to help with
OpenVPN 2.5 MSI installers.


Talked about the remaining 2.5 patches:

- client-connect (requires review)
- auth-token breakage when server is restarted and explicit-exit-notify
is set


Full chatlog attached

(12:31:32) ***plaisthos is here
(12:31:36) cron2: barely made it
(12:32:39) mattock: hi!
(12:33:33) lev__: hello
(12:34:00) cron2: good
(12:34:52) mattock: seems like we have a fair number of participants today
(12:36:28) mattock: ok let's start
(12:37:04) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2020-04-29
(12:37:18) mattock: I can give an update on the IPv6 situation on 
(12:37:24) mattock: before we even start
(12:37:42) mattock: so, as I assumed, it is cloudflare that's breaking IPv6 
(12:38:12) cron2: why, and what can we do about it?
(12:38:28) mattock: basically IPv6 is turned off at the cloudflare end 
site-wide (*.openvpn.net I presume) and turning it on for community.openvpn.net 
was not trivially possible 
(12:39:05) cron2: why is turned off for *.openvpn.net?
(12:39:12) mattock: it may be possible, but if not, then there are two options:
(12:39:12) mattock: - take community.openvpn.net off off cloudflare (DoS 
becomes way more likely)
(12:39:12) mattock: - enable IPv6 site-wide
(12:39:16) mattock: I have no clue
(12:39:17) cron2: and why can it not be turned on for community?
(12:39:40) mattock: usually overrides are done with "page rules" and there did 
not seem to be an option for enabling IPv6 selectively
(12:39:55) mattock: but I did not look myself and I won't dare touch stuff 
there because everything could break if I did
(12:40:22) mattock: I will put pressure on raidz who is responsible for this to 
get this resolved somehow
(12:41:14) mattock: anyways, that all about it
(12:41:37) cron2: just break stuff, again and again, so they get aware of the 
consequences of not having IPv6! :-)
(12:41:52) cron2: 11:41 -!- There is no such nick raidz
(12:41:59) cron2: mmmh, smart man, hiding from me
(12:42:04) mattock: yes I guess so :P
(12:42:44) mattock: I think disabling IPv6 must be some "security" thing, 
though I don't see the point myself
(12:43:25) plaisthos: Yeah not supporting IPv6 in 2020 is really stupid
(12:43:47) cron2: if it's cloudflared, having IPv6 enabled on the outside is 
totally decoupled from IPv6 "between couldflare and the origin servers", so 
there is no security argument whatsoever
(12:43:47) mattock: plaisthos: maybe you can also help convince the ops team to 
agree on that
(12:44:00) plaisthos: mattock: sure
(12:44:30) mattock: I will bring this up again in tomorrow's meeting on a more 
"enable IPv6 across the board" level
(12:44:32) cron2: not having IPv6 inside is sort of "typical enterprise IT 
thinking" (this is new stuff, we do not know new stuff, we never want new 
stuff).  Seems OpenVPN has become quite a big success :-)
(12:44:47) cron2: plaisthos, mattock: thanks!
(12:45:22) mattock: np!
(12:45:26) mattock: shall we move on?
(12:45:42) cron2: yes
(12:45:54) mattock: any topics besides "2.5"?
(12:46:11) ordex: ops
(12:46:24) mattock: oops or ops? :)
(12:46:34) ordex: both
(12:46:36) cron2: I had planned on discussing uncrustify style for 
tests/unit_tests/ today, but events overtook it
(12:46:49) cron2: syzzer decided "we want a uniform coding style!" and so we did
(12:46:59) ordex: agreed
(12:47:03) ordex: better have it uniform
(12:47:13) ordex: having two styles in the same project can easily become .. 
(12:47:49) cron2: right (just for completeness: my argument was "test code is 
different shape anyway, so we *could* agree on a more compact style") - but I 
am perfectly fine with this
(12:48:06) plaisthos: yeah if we discuss it, I woudl advocate to drop the 80 
char limit but then again it is not that important
(12:48:25) ordex: I have quite strong feeling about that liit though :D
(12:48:29) ordex: *limit
(12:48:56) ***cron2 is not writing any code these days, just managering things 
(12:48:57) plaisthos: ordex: strong feeling to drop it, right? *ducks*
(12:49:07) ***ordex ducks around too
(12:49:14) ordex: not really :p but it seems we are not discussing it anyway
(12:49:34) ordex: next ?
(12:49:40) cron2: well, 2.5
(12:49:45) ordex: for 2.5: we have the ipv6-onlt patchset which was resurrected
(12:50:00) cron2: I suck at doing things (news at 11), so haven't looked at the 
ipv6-only stuff
(12:50:19) ordex: I created an internal corp ticket for our QA to take care of 
performing some tests - tests that have been first discussed a bit with cron2 
(12:50:32) ordex: hehe
(12:50:33) ordex: ok
(12:50:42) ordex: I think having hte results of the tests will already be a 
step forward
(12:51:00) ordex: will check with QA by the end of this week to see whet they 
managed to achieve
(12:51:25) mattock: good, I like seeing corporate resources actually being used 
for community things
(12:51:43) ordex: \o/
(12:51:53) ordex: nothing else from my side
(12:52:10) mattock: I think there is some poor developer in the company that 
has to maintain MSI installers
(12:52:20) mattock: I should really try to recruit him to help with 2.5 MSI 
(12:52:26) mattock: unless that poor soul is lev :D
(12:52:35) cron2: oh, good
(12:53:38) mattock: anything else?
(12:56:08) cron2: client-connect?
(13:00:44) mattock: any takers?
(13:04:55) mattock: I'm starting to suspect my IRC client has died
(13:04:59) cron2: no
(13:05:02) mattock: oh
(13:05:17) cron2: this group starts to be very talkative as soon as "2.5" is 
(13:05:28) mattock: indeed
(13:05:40) mattock: everyone fled away
(13:05:47) plaisthos: I am doing my best :/
(13:05:55) cron2: to flee?
(13:06:13) plaisthos: Nah, for the client-connect, that requires review
(13:06:20) plaisthos: and the other patches from me too
(13:06:36) plaisthos: I am nore what else I can currently do with 2.5 release
(13:06:37) cron2: I have auth-token on my plate
(13:07:20) cron2: plaisthos: the thing with "if you restart the server, with 
exit-notification to the peers, auth-token breaks"
(13:07:29) cron2: explicit-exit-notify
(13:09:35) plaisthos: cron2: ah forgot about that
(13:12:11) cron2: plaisthos: who (was) volunteered to review the client-connect 
stuff?  ordex, dazo?
(13:16:10) mattock: maybe we have to dig that info up from meeting summaries
(13:17:46) mattock: I'll check the latest summaries quickly
(13:19:20) mattock: I'll check if I can figure out the volunteer from here: 
(13:19:22) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel] Summary of the community meeting 
(26th March 2020) (at www.mail-archive.com)
(13:21:15) mattock: no volunteers there afaics:
(13:21:15) mattock: (21:32:27) dazo: yeah ... lets get plaisthos patches in 
first, and lets see  where that leads us next
(13:21:15) mattock: (21:32:35) cron2: indeed :)
(13:21:28) mattock: maybe nobody volunteered to do the job?
(13:21:58) cron2: originally, ordex was volunteered (since there is payment on 
the table)... but he got corp'ed away
(13:24:12) mattock: ordex?
(13:24:20) mattock: we have 6 minutes to spare
(13:30:21) mattock: ok, I need to take $child out as $wife has a meeting and 
$child is making too much noise :)
(13:30:30) mattock: I will send the summary after
(13:30:32) cron2: meeting is game over anyway
(13:31:25) mattock: yeah
(13:31:26) mattock: agreed

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