we have a long standing open ticket, #1337, about --explicit-exit-notify
together with peer-to-peer mode.

My understanding of --explicit-exit-notify comes from p2mp mode, where
it notifies the other end "I have been SIGINTR'ed, and will go away now",
so the other end can stop sending packets (multi-instance is killed on
the server, and client reconnects / goes to next server).

I have learned much later that --explicit-exit-notify in p2p mode does
something else - it kills the peer.  So you press ctrl-c on one end
of the OpenVPN connection, and *both* sides exit.

David tells me "it has always been that way", but I wonder if we should
keep it (= close #1337, do not change anything), or do something else, 
like "ignore incoming EEN (control-channel EXIT or OCC_EXIT) if not
in server mode" (*)


(*) p2mp server-to-client is not signaled as EXIT/OCC_EXIT but with
control-channel restart

(**) https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/ticket/1337
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