If we care about logging, I think we should do the signal remap in
multi_close_instance_on_signal()  (... which already remaps SIGUSR1
by means of remap_signal(), but only if c->options.remap_sigusr1 is

OTOH, maybe it should just *not* call remap_signal(), as the per-instance
signals and the global signals do different things, and always remap
SIGUSR1-in-instance to SIGTERM...

What I do not think will make us happy in future is the extra
conditionals in v2...

A completely different effect screwed up my testing and lead to believe that signals are handled different in p2p and p2mp. There is different behaviour in p2p and p2mp but it is triggered by the HMAC cookie approach that only p2mp has. Detailed explaination is in the code in patch v3.


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