Is there any work in OpenWRT targeted at integrating Linux forwarding
fastpath in the official build ?
There are out-of-tree patches and builds floating around and nowadays 1
GB/s fiber internet access is very common is developed countries, and
the router is then becoming the bottleneck in many case.
With my colleagues I have already started this effort and plan to
share patches to OpenWrt as soon as the work is ready. The plan is to
present this on OpenWrt summit in our talk "State of fast path
networking in Linux" as well [1]. Part of this activity is my pull
request for 4.19 inclusion [2]. If there are other activities around
this space please reach out to speed up the process.

Great. I do no have closely followed the Linux kernel development lately but the need for the 4.19 version in OpenWRT for fastpath forwarding is because the SFE code have been upstreamed is that version ?
Or because the latest SFE patches are against that version ?

The only related work that I'm aware of is but I do not think the author have tried to include it upstream.


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