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> On Sep 29, 2018, at 10:53, Jérôme Benoit <> wrote:
> Le 28/09/2018 à 18:55, Rosen Penev a écrit :
>> So in kernel 4.17 I believe landed flow offloading support. This 
>> accomplishes something similar to SFE while being a proper upstream 
>> solution. This is already implemented in OpenWrt.
> flow offloading for NAT is different from SFE :
> In the first case, you offload the NATing algorithm work to the hardware
> that support it, which narrow a lot the supported targets.
> In the second case, you optimize the NATing algorithm Linux kernel
> implementation for all targets, it's a software and generic optimization.  

        As far as I can tell, SFE ans friends gain their speed advantage mainly 
by being less generic that the main kernel, so speaking of an optimization 
seems problematic. Because the reached better routing/NATing/whatever typically 
is quite fickle and might for example not be compatible with traffic shaping...

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