With Feng's help (thank you once more!) I made this changes also for lf-pod2.

> On 16 Sep 2016, at 15:30, Michal Skalski <mskal...@mirantis.com> wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> Sorry I missed this discussion, is there any updates related to applying this 
> configuration on LF pod?
> On LF POD2 we currently observe problems with dpdk, and I thought that it 
> could be related.
> Thanks,
> Michal
>> On 29 Aug 2016, at 20:00, Frank Brockners (fbrockne) <fbroc...@cisco.com> 
>> wrote:
>> Hi Tim,
>> +1 on the config change. 
>> Background: If one wants to switch to Rx scatter mode for 1 queue or use 
>> more than 1 RQ, one really does have to configure on the VNIC 2x the number 
>> needed by the DPDK app. There is no way around this in the current 
>> implementation and is the way Rx scatter works on the VIC, where Rx Scatter 
>> spill-over buffers are on a 2nd RQ .  Hence the general advice is to 
>> configure 2x the number of RQs needed. This will also be reflected in the 
>> next revision of the ENIC driver documentation. Longer term, there is a plan 
>> to eliminate the 2nd RQ in general (not just for 1 RQ) when Rx scatter is 
>> disabled but this is probably happening post the 16.11 DPDK release.
>> Frank
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>> Subject: [Fds-dev] Configuring LF POD with 2 RQs on VIC profiles
>> Hi,
>> We need to configure 2 RQs on VIC profiles in the UCS manager for DPDK to 
>> work.  From what I understand we can make the configuration change and it 
>> won't take effect until the blades are rebooted.  For Apex, we need POD 1 to 
>> have this configuration for FDIO/and OVS DPDK to daily jobs to pass.  Before 
>> I make the change, just want to make sure no one is against it.  Also, do 
>> you want me to make the same configuration change for LF POD2 for Fuel?
>> Thanks,
>> Tim Rozet
>> Red Hat SDN Team
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