* Code development: Serena Feng (ZTE) for her work on the refactoring
    ot the test api. She consolidated the code, developped the swagger
    documentation part for Tornado (the python web server we are using),
    dockerize it, add function for upgrade of the mongo DB, backup, add
    unit tests. This API is used to store the results, build reporting.
    It was also used for the plugfest and thanks to the dockerization it
    is easy to deploy such framework on demand.

  * Collaboration (e.g. across different OPNFV projects or with other
    upstream communities): Cedric Ollivier (Orange) for his work on ODL
    test refactoring and his effort to upstream as much as possible.
    Working upstream is agreed by most of us but it is not always
    concretely easy to do. Cedric succeeded in moving code from OPNFV to
    ODL using it for the Functest ODL test suite. Moreover he
    contributed with josé to the git page in OPNFV to help newcomers and
    share best practice. he is an active, relevant and benevolent reviewer.

  * Documentation & User support: Colum Gaynor and Juha Haapavirta
    (Nokia), the quality of Functest documentation has been greatly
    improved thanks to them. They accepted to initiate documentation
    early in time and spent lots of time in order to reach a "Telco
    grade" quality

  * Integration: Alexandru Avadanii (ENEA) according to git and gerrit
    statistics one of the most active contributors (other ones got
    already awards...). ENEA is very active since Colorado on Armband
    but also on testing projects. Integration is challenging and they
    did a great job.

  * Testing: Valentin Boucher (Orange) - I wanted to nominate him last
    time but it was too late. Valentin is still a student but his work
    on automating a vIMS solution within Functest had a real influence
    on the community. His work was showed in OPNFV summit in Berlin and
    a presentation with Cloudify was also selected for openStack Summit
    Barcelona. His work was also reused by vendors for some demos during
    several summits and/or guidelines for vIMS deployments. According to
    the mailing list threads, vIMS test case was a driver for non OPNFV
    member to install OPNFV. New projects such as models also reused
    what he did. As he is still student, he clearly deserved a recognition.

e 14/10/2016 à 02:52, Raymond Paik a écrit :
> All, 
> It's time for the Q3 Awards.  As a reminder, this is to recognize
> contributions from OPNFV community members in the following categories.
>   * Code development
>   * Collaboration (e.g. across different OPNFV projects or with other
>     upstream communities)
>   * Documentation & User support
>   * Integration
>   * Testing
> In order to give new people opportunities for recognition, the award
> winners from the previous quarter will not be eligible to win the same
> category 2 quarters in a row. As a reminder, below are the winners
> from Q2'2016.
>   * Code development: Jose Lausuch & Ulas Kozat
>   * Collaboration: Bryan Sullivan
>   * Documentation & User Support: Mark Beierl
>   * Integration: Dan Radez & Hongbo Tian
>   * Testing: Maryam Tahhan
> (So for example, Jose will not be eligible to win the Code development
> category again in Q3. However, he can be a winner for other categories)
> If you'd like to nominate someone for any of the 5 areas above, please
> send me the following information by 5pm Pacific Time on October 21st
> (Friday).
>   * Name/Company
>   * Award category
>   * Brief description of her/his contribution
> Once nomination statements are collected, voting will be done by TSC
> members (e.g. on SurveyMonkey). Thanks and let me know if you have any
> questions.
> Ray
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