I would like to nominate:

·        Prakash Ramchandran (Huawei)

·        Collaboration category

·        Prakash has been an active contributor to multiple OPNFV projects 
including Domino, IPv6, Opera, Dovetail, Models, etc.; an active and continuous 
voice in the technical community discussions to move projects forward as well 
as raise concerns on behalf of different teams; and a networker to bridge 
between infrastructure, installer, testing, and feature projects.

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Subject: [opnfv-tech-discuss] Kicking off nominations for Q3'2016 OPNFV 
Quarterly Awards


It's time for the Q3 Awards.  As a reminder, this is to recognize contributions 
from OPNFV community members in the following categories.
·   Code development
·   Collaboration (e.g. across different OPNFV projects or with other upstream 
·   Documentation & User support
·   Integration
·   Testing
In order to give new people opportunities for recognition, the award winners 
from the previous quarter will not be eligible to win the same category 2 
quarters in a row. As a reminder, below are the winners from Q2'2016.
·   Code development: Jose Lausuch & Ulas Kozat
·   Collaboration: Bryan Sullivan
·   Documentation & User Support: Mark Beierl
·   Integration: Dan Radez & Hongbo Tian
·   Testing: Maryam Tahhan
(So for example, Jose will not be eligible to win the Code development category 
again in Q3. However, he can be a winner for other categories)

If you'd like to nominate someone for any of the 5 areas above, please send me 
the following information by 5pm Pacific Time on October 21st (Friday).
·   Name/Company
·   Award category
·   Brief description of her/his contribution
Once nomination statements are collected, voting will be done by TSC members 
(e.g. on SurveyMonkey). Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

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