Thanks for coordinating, Thanh! I agree with Sofia and Greg - once every three or four weeks since we have an IRC channel and will hopefully have a mailing list. As my AVP put it, I have "the job nobody seems to want" -- the Docs PTL for the recently launched Acumos project. I've only contributed to docs projects in the past, so I'm looking forward to a new challenge with the support, wisdom, and camaraderie from those of you I've met as well as from new colleagues!


Aimee Ukasick

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Agreed with Sofia.

Thanks Thanh!!

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Hi Thanh, all,

Thanks a lot for reaching out to everyone!

From my perspective I think it would be enough for us to start with a meeting every third week or maybe even monthly.

Our back log will probably increase once we get started and that might require more frequent meetings.

But since we have other ways to communicate and follow up I think it's good to start with monthly.

Happy to hear others options!



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Hi Everyone,

I believe I've included everyone who has indicated they were interested in cross community docs efforts. If you are not interested feel free to mute this thread.

I've tried to include community mailing lists where existing to reach hopefully the right audience for this email. If anyone knows of folks who should be included please feel free to add them to this thread.

At ONS we few of us from the ODL, OPNFV, and ONAP communities got together to discuss some cross community documentation efforts we've been pushing. We discussed lfdocs [0][1] and lfdocs-conf [2][3] projects who's purpose is to enable projects to easily share common configuration as well as create common documentation that projects can link to using intersphinx linkingrather than rewriting their own.

One of the things that came out of the meeting was that it would be good to create a cross-project-docs community so that we can ask questions and share ideas since all of us are using very similar tooling to build our docs.

For a start I've created an IRC channel #lf-docs @<>which I hope folks will join and discuss docs related things in. It could be a valuable resource rather than all of us hanging in our own small docs communities I'm sure we are all understaffed as it is.

We should setup a mailing list somewhere, I'll work with LF to figure out where the best place for such a list is such that it is not specific to any project.

Also there was discussion about setting up some kind of regular meeting maybe once a month where we can all get together and sync up to share any ideas we have. I think there are 2 things we need to figure out together:

1. How often is the right amount as to not overload everyone with meetings but give us time to get together?

2. What is the best time for the meeting?

For 2 I've created a doodle poll please ignore the dates as we are only interested in finding out during any given week which times are generally good for folks. Please respond with the times that are okay with you and we'll try to pick a time that is good for the most people.<>







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