I'm willing to investigate this issue.
Can someone come up with a complete list of features / bundles to install 
to reproduce the problem ?


Le mardi 17 mai 2016 13:21:42 UTC+2, Marc Schlegel a écrit :
> Is there anything we can do about PAXCDI-210 
> <https://ops4j1.jira.com/projects/PAXCDI/issues/PAXCDI-210>?
> I came accross this issue today as well while updating a JSF-example 
> (using Pax-Web) to use CDI-Beans instead of the old ManagedBeans. The 
> JSF-expression cannot resolve the Cdi-bean.
> It seems that Pax-Web doesnt know that Pax-Cdi is managing the beans.
> regards
> Marc

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