Hello again

I finally have time to investigate this issue.

I dug through MySQL source code, licenses and READMEs and found:

   - https://github.com/mysql/mysql-connector-j/blob/release/5.1/README
   - https://www.mysql.com/about/legal/licensing/foss-exception/
   - https://oss.oracle.com/licenses/universal-foss-exception/ (starting 
   from version 8.x of the driver)

Of course IANAL, but I think this allows us to "use" (in general meaning - 
and <bundle 
is very very gentle kind of usage) the driver. Here's the important part of 
FAQ answer:

Open source software projects and other developers can also use and 
> distribute open source applications with the GPL-licensed MySQL Client 
> Libraries under the terms of the FOSS License Exception without causing the 
> entire derivative work to be subject to the GPL.

FOSS License List include different kinds of ASL, so I really think we're 
safe here. Michael - wdyt?

Grzegorz Grzybek

W dniu środa, 28 lutego 2018 14:02:31 UTC+1 użytkownik Michael Vorburger 
> Hello,
> would anyone have any objection to a breaking change in PAX-JDBC which 
> would remove the pax-jdbc-mysql bundle from the org.ops4j.pax.jdbc Karaf 
> feature? The pax-jdbc-mariadb can typically be used instead of 
> pax-jdbc-mysql.
> The reason is that at least in our use, as part of a custom Karaf distro 
> at https://www.opendaylight.org, we are having to manually excluding the 
> mysql-connector-java JDBC driver JAR which the pax-jdbc-mysql bundle drags 
> along, because it is GPL licensed.
> Full background in https://ops4j1.jira.com/browse/PAXJDBC-128 ...
> Thanks,
> M.
> --
> Michael Vorburger, Red Hat | IRC: vorburger @freenode | ~ = 
> http://vorburger.ch

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