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> >Hidden services will run very fine with only middleman and bridge nodes.
> that's true, for sure. However, we create a parallel world doing this. 

That's not a bug, it's a feature.

> From a metaphysical POV (IMHO), TOR is (partly) existing to defend 
> civil rights. But to be able to do this, it must exist not only in a 

The free, uncesored Intenet is dead. The sooner we acknowledge this,
and realize that we need an anonymizing publishing layer on top of
that the better. I keep harping about that since early 1990s. Surisingly
little has happened since.

> 'parallel world'. Losing connection to 'this world' (today's internet) 
> would mean to lose the 'war'.

Things are never quite black and white. There is a network that is
censored and sniffed but also accountable, and hence less prone to abuse. 
On top of that you can have a network that anonymous/pseudonymous,
unaccountable, and slightly abusive.

There's a place for both of them to exist. 

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