Hi folks,

I decided to try installing Oralux 0.7 on a HD.  Ran into problems.
Do I want to put myself through this, even as a learning experience?
I got the installer started and by the forth screen I was lost.
Looking for answers, I Googled 'Knoppix-installer info howto,' and got
the Knoppix Wiki site.  Nice, but one of the first things I read was:

Hard drive install of Knoppix is not recommended for the new user and
one should understand that there are problems associated with a hard
drive install of Knoppix, particularly if you try to install more
software or update your current software.

WOW!  Sounds like they know me.  Keep in mind that this is a spare
computer I'm trying to install on.  There is nothing on it that I want
at all.  So, is there a place I can get some answers so I don't have
to nag you folks?  Thanks.


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