In Belfast, these are done every month:
- Circle dance variation of La Bastringue

- Galopede or version thereof

These are dances that have been requested at some point (dances that were done 
at some point and then were requested another month)

- Zip it Up (from New England Dancing Masters collections)

- The Flat Tire (from NEDM collections)

- Sasha

- Sashay the Donut (NEDM collections)

- Dive for Oyster, Dig for Clam (done in scattered foursomes, not with wring 
the dishrag figure at community dances given wide variation in height)

- Chaos

- Virginia Reel with strip the willow

- Bridges

- Kings and Queens (NEDM collections)

- Coyote Contra (dance composed by local youth, in "coyotum circle 
formation"--a becket type Sicilian circle)

- The Black Joke

I think that local traditions can and should vary.

A weekly square dance I do in the summertime has more than one "must do" dance.

I also think it's easier to have local traditions when the callers are 
consistent from month to month.  Either one house caller (as in Belfast and 
Topsham) or a group of callers (as I understood is the case for Tapestry 


Chrissy Fowler

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