Clarification: I call and have called many many many other dances in Belfast, 
but the list is of the dance sequences that have actually been requested by 
dancers.    Sometimes the request comes in advance (for ex, when I see people 
at the coop) and sometimes the request is made that same night.

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In Belfast, these are done every month:
- Circle dance variation of La Bastringue

- Galopede or version thereof

These are dances that have been requested at some point (dances that were done 
at some point and then were requested another month)

- Zip it Up (from New England Dancing Masters collections)

- The Flat Tire (from NEDM collections)

- Sasha

- Sashay the Donut (NEDM collections)

- Dive for Oyster, Dig for Clam (done in scattered foursomes, not with wring 
the dishrag figure at community dances given wide variation in height)

- Chaos

- Virginia Reel with strip the willow

- Bridges

- Kings and Queens (NEDM collections)

- Coyote Contra (dance composed by local youth, in "coyotum circle 
formation"--a becket type Sicilian circle)

- The Black Joke

I think that local traditions can and should vary.

A weekly square dance I do in the summertime has more than one "must do" dance.

I also think it's easier to have local traditions when the callers are 
consistent from month to month.  Either one house caller (as in Belfast and 
Topsham) or a group of callers (as I understood is the case for Tapestry 


Chrissy Fowler

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