For out Meet Me in St Louis weekend flyer this year - I formatted it as a full 
page - 2 sides - but folded in half to make a smaller 4 page booklet.  Takes 
less space and divides up the info more so it is not as cluttered 
I can send an example to anyone who wants one - and you could see how easy it 
is go use and maybe end up dancing with us.  I will send one separately to Bob.

Mac McKeeverSt Louis

    On Sunday, December 31, 2017, 10:29:01 AM CST, B Fabinski via Organizers 
<> wrote:  
 Hi all,

At the Rochester NY monthly Contra Planning meeting, I took the action item to 
post here the following requests:

1) Please make sure to include the TOWN where your event is happening, 
prominently listed on any flyers
2) Our flyer table is getting very, very busy...can people consider 1/2 page 

We purge flyers weekly (I use the scrap, if I can, otherwise recycle it.)
How do others manage the growing tide of paper?
Bob Fabinski
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