Hi Oleksandr,

Interesting, I think it is similar or related to that issue of 5703. When I 
wrapped the whole string into `` characters it worked, or kind of worked. 
Check this out:

orientdb {db=Tetraop}> update #25:0 remove 
Updated record(s) '1' in 0.001000 sec(s).

orientdb {db=Tetraop}> select settings.leads.TempLead.overrideProperties 
from #25:0


|#   |settings                            |


|0   |[PropertyOverride{customValues:[1]}]|


It appears as it removed the record, but when I did a select, the record is 
still there. That's false positive

orientdb {db=Tetraop}> update #25:0 remove 
`settings.leads.TempLead.overrideProperties` = 
Updated record(s) '1' in 0.002000 sec(s). 

orientdb {db=Tetraop}> select settings.leads.TempLead.overrideProperties 
from #25:0                               +----+--------+

|#   |settings|


|0   |[]      |


Now it removed the record and the list is empty. This behavior raises 3 

   1. Why do we need to use `` if this issues seemed to be fixed in the 
   issue 5703
   2. Is the first way a legit way to remove list items? If so, why did it 
   give false positive?
   3. What is the right and bullet proof way to remove embedded list items?

For your previous request, this is how I did the insert:

update #25:0 add settings.leads.TempLead.overrideProperties = {"@type":"d", 
"@class":"PropertyOverride", "standardProperty":"utilityCompany", 

Thanks for looking into this.

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 9:21:25 AM UTC-7, Oleksandr Gubchenko 
> Is this issue similar to your case? Can you confirm?
> https://github.com/orientechnologies/orientdb/issues/5703
> Il giorno mercoledì 12 ottobre 2016 18:16:28 UTC+2, Oleksandr Gubchenko ha 
> scritto:
>> Can you add an insert that you are using to originally create the #25:0 ?
>> Thanks.
>> Il giorno mercoledì 12 ottobre 2016 17:47:25 UTC+2, boro...@gmail.com ha 
>> scritto:
>>> Hi Michela, here are the schemas starting from the most inner class and 
>>> up all the way to account. 
>>> // Property Override
>>> create class PropertyOverride extends V
>>> create property PropertyOverride.standardProperty STRING (NOTNULL TRUE)
>>> create property PropertyOverride.customProperty STRING (NOTNULL TRUE)
>>> create property PropertyOverride.customValues EMBEDDEDMAP STRING 
>>> // Class Override
>>> create class LeadClass extends V
>>> create property LeadClass.template STRING (NOTNULL TRUE)
>>> create property LeadClass.booleanTrue STRING (NOTNULL TRUE, COLLATE "ci")
>>> create property LeadClass.booleanFalse STRING (NOTNULL TRUE, COLLATE 
>>> "ci")
>>> create property LeadClass.dateFormat STRING (NOTNULL TRUE, COLLATE "ci")
>>> create property LeadClass.timestampFormat STRING (NOTNULL TRUE, COLLATE 
>>> "ci")
>>> create property LeadClass.overrideProperties EMBEDDEDLIST 
>>> PropertyOverride (NOTNULL TRUE)
>>> // Account Settings
>>> create class AccountSettings extends V
>>> create property AccountSettings.leads EMBEDDEDMAP LeadClass
>>> // Account
>>> create class Account extends V
>>> create property Account.id INTEGER (DEFAULT 
>>> "sequence('accountId').next()", READONLY TRUE)
>>> create property Account.created DATETIME (DEFAULT "sysdate()", READONLY 
>>> TRUE)
>>> create property Account.active BOOLEAN (NOTNULL TRUE, DEFAULT FALSE)
>>> create property Account.company STRING (NOTNULL TRUE, MANDATORY TRUE, 
>>> MIN 2, MAX 50, COLLATE "ci")
>>> create property Account.settings EMBEDDED AccountSettings
>>> The #25:0 (in the original post) is the actual Account record. What I'm 
>>> trying to do is to simply add/remove PropertyOverride embedded classes to 
>>> the LeadClass.overrideProperties embedded list in the LeadClass. I could 
>>> add it easy as mentioned before, but when I tried to remove it I ran into 
>>> exceptions. All is done in the terminal. Thanks for helping to figure it 
>>> out.
>>> On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 11:35:08 PM UTC-7, user.w...@gmail.com 
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> can you post you schema? I don't understand very well your structure. 
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Michela


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