While a nicely functional (and free) piece of anti-virus software, Avast
follows the rather aggressive tactic of, by default, forcibly inserting
text ("virus-free" with a link to their website) into all its users
outgoing mail.

This assertion is meaningless - it's just text inserted into the body of
your mail, you could just as well have typed it yourself - and as such it
is simply free advertising for Avast.

Since we eschew advertising here on the list, we're asking all of you who
use this application to please go in and disable this functionality.
Messages for moderated users which have this footer will be bounced back,
and un-moderated users who post with it will be moderated until they remove
the advertising.

To do so (on Windows, anyway, your mileage may vary, depending on your
platform, but the basic process should be similar):

 - start the Avast application
 - select the "Menu" option at upper right
 - select "Settings" from the dropdown menu there
 - in "General" settings, unselect the "Enable Avast email signature"

Thank you for helping keep the list as annoyance-free as possible.

Now please go fold something cool, and come back and tell us about it!


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